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November 6

Senate would restore much of reporting on campaign donors’ employers - MJS

Details of elections board, campaign finance changes delayed - WSJ

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Legislators could upend finance laws in Wisconsin - NYT

Scott Walker’s new commission aims for government efficiency - CT

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Scott Walker: High taxes or low-performing government is a ‘false choice’ - WSJ

Scott Walker reaching out to Kraft Heinz as loss of jobs is lamented - MJS

Walker: Oscar Mayer has ‘nothing to do with Wisconsin’ - WSJ

City officials, Democrats blame Scott Walker administration for not reaching out to company - WSJ

WEDC snubbed by Oscar Mayer parent as Wisconsin mass layoffs pile up in 2015 - MBJ

As Wisconsin startup scene lags, Gov. Scott Walker offers ’rah rah’ at industry event - CT

Would eliminating gun-free zones make colleges safer? - Isthmus

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Scott Walker used officer who faked own homicide in criticizing Obama for ‘anti-police rhetoric’ - WSJ

Less partisan district sets Ryan apart from other leaders - MJS

November 5

Senate would restore much of reporting on campaign donors, employers - MJS

Senate GOP tight-lipped as campaign finance, GAB bills near Friday extraordinary session - WSJ

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Wisconsin Senate Republican leader says he has the votes to pass GAB, campaign finance bills - CT

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Republican leader says he has votes for elections board bill - WSJ

Wisconsin Democrats propose constitutional amendment in response to campaign finance changes - CT

Related: 2015 Assembly Resolution 18

Lawmakers OK additional highway borrowing - MJS

Democrats join Assembly Republicans in approving $350M in borrowing for roads - WSJ

Bill mandates CPR training in schools’ health curriculum - MJS

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Hearing on combat sports bill brings emotional testimony - MJS

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Scott Walker creates second commission to root out ‘waste’ in government - WSJ

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Judges hear arguments in state gerrymander lawsuit, will decide on dismissal - WSJ

Just how much gerrymandering is unconstitutional? Wisconsin plaintiffs want the Supreme Court to rule - National Journal

‘An institution in Madison’: Fred Risser, lawmakers weigh in on Oscar Mayer leaving - CT

Feigin: ‘It will be challenging to complete’ Bucks arena for $500 million - MBJ

Craft brewery slowdown: Owners say arcane 2011 state law is impeding growth - Isthmus

Got raw milk? A Md. Farm now sells the hotly debated drink -- for pets - WaPo

November 4

Assembly bills target fraud in unemployment, food stamp programs - MJS

Assembly passes measures aimed at FoodShare, unemployment fraud - WSJ

Wisconsin Assembly passes bills targeting food stamp fraud - WSJ

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Scott Walker approves administrative rule to require drug testing for public benefits - CT

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Senate GOP reaches deal on campaign finance, elections oversight - MJS

Senate to vote on elections board, campaign bill Friday - WSJ

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Assembly OKs bill to allow Wisconsin hunters to wear pink - MJS

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Inspired by Paul Ryan, Robin Vos calls for ‘wiping the slate clean’ - WSJ

Assembly Republicans block Democratic attempt to force student loan refinancing floor debate - CT

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Budget co-chairman says borrowing $350 million for roads could break impasse, but measure’s fate is unclear - WSJ

Wisconsin legislator plans new raw milk bill - MJS

UW-Madison faculty wrestles with policy to review performance of tenured professors - CT

Divided lands board postpones hiring decision for anonymous candidates - WSJ

Turnover continues at state’s top jobs agency - MJS

Wisconsin joins lawsuit against EPA’s new coal plant restrictions - MJS

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Manufacturing jobs part of Wisconsin’s future - APC

As transgender students make gains, schools hesitate at bathrooms - NYT

November 3

Lacking votes, Senate GOP delays action on donation disclosures - MJS

In final days of fall session, Senate balks again at votes on elections, campaign bills - WSJ

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Elections Board says new John Doe law moots lawsuit claim - WSJ

Assembly bills target fraud in unemployment, food stamp programs - MJS

Assembly taking up food stamps, unemployment benefits Tuesday - CT

Related: 2015 AB-188AB-200AB-212AB-222

Welfare fraud busts only ‘tip of the iceberg’ - GBPG

Lawmakers to take up funding for gun violence prosecutors - MJS

AG targets painkiller abuse - RJT

UW-Madison chancellor seeks to reassure faculty on tenure policy - MJS

UW-Madison faculty approve new layoff protections - WSJ

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Is Wisconsin System chief backtracking on tenure? - Inside Higher Ed

Wisconsin tenure wars: Part two - Inside Higher Ed

Faculty oppose concealed carry in campus buildings, fetal tissue research ban - WSJ

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Rift emerges among gun owners over concealing weapons in schools - NYT

Those with ties to state GOP among candidates to head small state lands agency - WSJ

Illinois district violated transgender student’s rights, U.S. says - NYT

November 2

Bill puts veil over campaign funding in Wisconsin - MJS

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 387

Scott Walker campaign failed to report thousands of donor employers - WSJ

Democrats could join GOP panel members to increase road borrowing - MJS

GOP lawmakers may look to Democrats to tap $200 million in highway borrowing - WSJ

GOP bills would limit how school districts ask voters for tax increases - MJS

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 355

Assembly to pass measures targeting welfare fraud - WSJ

Related: 2015 AB-188AB-200AB-212AB-222

Lawmakers mull a prohibition on asking about convictions on job applications - RJT

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UW Police Chief Susan Riseling argues against campus carry: ‘It’s not going to prevent anything’ - CT

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Rebecca Blank: UW officials undermined push to write new tenure rules - WSJ

Bill to regulate kickboxing, other combat sports to get hearing - MJS

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 76

Lawsuit seeks to declare GOP political redistricting in Wis. unconstitutional - ECLT

Lambeau tax money ideas vary by city, town - GBPG

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 233

In high-stakes U.S. Senate race, Ron Johnson, Russ Feingold already getting personal - WSJ

State Rep. Josh Zepnick arrested for drunken driving - MJS