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October 23

Senate committee advances Assembly elections changes - WSJ

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Senate committee votes to advance campaign finance, GAB bills - CT

In Republican Wisconsin, what do Democrats gain from procedural slowdowns, recusals? - CT

Off the campaign trail, Scott Walker is changing the way Wisconsin holds elections - WaPo

Wisconsin Assembly approves anti-heroin bills

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UW-Milwaukee officials say crime stats don’t mesh with gun proposal - MJS

As groups write new UW tenure policies, changes and proposals irk professors - WSJ

Poll: 84 percent of respondents say state superintendent should stay elected official - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Analyst says state education policy turning bitterly politicized - Wisconsin Public Radio

Walker dismisses rising disapproval numbers - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Numerous states prepare lawsuits against Obama’s climate policy - NYT

October 22

Assembly approves splitting GAB into elections and ethics agencies - MJS

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Assembly votes to dismantle GAB, campaign finance overhaul as Democrats recuse - WSJ

Wisconsin Democrats recuse themselves from vote on GOP campaign finance bill - CT

‘Lapdogs’ and ‘la-la land:’ Wisconsin Assembly debates campaign finance laws, GAB overhaul - CT

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While Senate vote is delayed, Assembly passes bill rewriting John Doe law - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Senate labor committee approves civil service changes - WSJ

Walker announces online ‘business portal’ to streamline startup paperwork - Wisconsin Public Radio

Amid MPS takeover debate, Chris Abele floats early-childhood proposal - MJS

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Poll finds new high-water mark for voter dissatisfaction with direction of state - WSJ

Is Scott Walker done? - WI Magazine (Wisconsin Policy Research Institute)

UW-Madison plans outreach to get voter IDs to students - WSJ

Scott Walker appointee among candidates for public lands board - MJS

October 21

Assembly poised to pass elections bills, but Senate’s OK uncertain - MJS

Lawmakers pass legislation limiting John Doe investigations - WSJ

Lawmakers approve bill ending John Doe probes of political crimes - MJS

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Wisconsin Senate, Assembly debate changes to John Doe investigations Tuesday - CT

Wisconsin Assembly approves legislation to curb ‘John Doe’ probes - WALLSJ

GAB: Campaign finance bill clarifies law, but concerns persist about it being fast-tracked - WSJ

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 387 and Senate Bill 292

Kennedy, local clerks reject plan to dismantle Government Accountability Board - Wisconsin Public Radio

Assembly panel advances civil service bill - MJS

Bill overhauling Wisconsin civil service system slows down - WSJ

Senate easily passes “upskirting” bill - MJS

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School board bill clears Senate - RJT

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Walker asks lawmakers for $200 million more borrowing for roads - MJS

Scott Walker administration seeks highway borrowing, but some Republican lawmakers object - WSJ

Walker pushes for funds for 10/441 - APC

Walker’s approval ratings drop following presidential run - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Group asks EPA to step up oversight of state DNR - MJS

Four years later, EPA urged to force Wisconsin to obey U.S. water law - WSJ

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Wisconsin joins multistate investigation into VW scandal - MJS

October 20

GOP lawmakers taking up bills on election laws, enforcement - MJS

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Employers of political contributors no longer would be public under change to bill - WSJ

Local Democrats rip Republican initiatives - GBPG

Bill overhauling civil service system moving ahead - WSJ

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Lawmakers: Keep 17-year-olds from adult court - ON

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Kahl bill would restore gas tax indexing - Wisconsin Radio Network

Researcher says legislator misinterprets study of mass shootings - Chronicle of Higher Education

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As campus fears rise, so do efforts to enact school gun laws - NYT

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Judge declines to expand acceptable forms of voter ID - WSJ

Federal judge won’t expand Wisconsin voter ID options - Wisconsin Public Radio

Healing House hosts Walker - RJT

Walker: Ryan could redefine speaker role - RJT

Texas cancels contracts with Planned Parenthood - WaPo

October 19

How will the Wisconsin Elections and Ethics Boards look under proposed GAB Bill? - CT

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Bill would keep donors’ employers out of view - APC

Wisconsin’s civil service overhaul draws from other states - WSJ

Legislator unmoved by appeal on what UW prof calls ‘product placement’ by gun lobby - CT

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Walker will block Legislature’s attempt to oversee state health insurance - Wisconsin Public Radio

State Legislature tackles full magazine of hunting bills - MJS

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Nonviolent 17-year-old criminals to be charged as children under bipartisan plan - MJS

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Scott Walker calls ‘life of the mother’ abortion debate a ‘false choice.’ Is it? - WSJ

Voucher costs hit public schools - APC

Walker staff used private emails for strategy - MJS

Scott Walker to be among key issues in State Supreme Court race - MJS

2 of 3 Supreme Court candidates mum on key rulings - MJS

Commentary by Gov. Scott Walker: Wisconsin is moving in the right direction - RJT

Wisconsin could be key player in presidential primary - MJS

Even with rising debt and sinking polls, candidates find dropping out is hard to do - LA Times

Gov. Scott Walker deflects questions about campaign expenses - WSJ

Scott Walker mum on prolific campaign spending - MJS

How Scott Walker spent $90,000 a day to lose an election - WaPo