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October 2

Appeals judge hits state on abortion admitting privileges law - MJS

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Bipartisan bill would raise payments for wrongfully convicted inmates - MJS

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Legislators propose raising conviction cap to $1 million - WSJ

Compensation law changes proposed - ON

What is the price of justice? - ON

Answers to 11 questions about the push to repeal Wisconsin’s ‘minimum markup’ law - CT

Plan calls for UW to drop cap on nonresident enrollment - MJS

UW-Madison seeks to lift cap on out-of-state students - WSJ

Walker: Skills gap is state’s biggest challenge - GBPG

Democrats demand special legislative session on roads funding - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Lena Taylor says she’s willing to compromise to pass a ‘ban the box’ bill - Wisconsin Public Radio

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EPA sets new national ozone pollution standards - MJS

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Former WEDC leader out of Nebraska economic job after 8 months - MJS

Former Gov. Tommy Thompson endorses Jeb Bush for president - WSJ

October 1

New poll: Scott Walker’s approval rating drops to 37% - MJS

Scott Walker’s approval in Wisconsin hits new low after presidential race - WSJ

Gov. Walker’s approval ratings dip again - ON

Poll: Russ Feingold reopens lead over Ron Johnson in U.S. Senate race - WSJ

Walker says ending presidential run lets him focus on helping US Sen. Johnson against Feingold - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Trump the new GOP leader in Wisconsin, but dogged by high negatives - MJS

Walker gets back to state business - APC

GAB head asks lawmakers to delay overhaul of elections agency - MJS

Elections board chairman warns GOP changes could create problems heading into 2016 contests - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Democrats call for enshrining open records meetings law in Constitution - WSJ

New legislative task force focuses on issues in urban education - CT

Lawmaker defends bill to overhaul Wisconsin’s civil service system - Wisconsin Public Radio

Five things to know about the proposed overhaul of Wisconsin’s civil service system - CT

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Lawmakers upset by 10/441 delays - APC

Appeals court to hear arguments on abortion admitting privileges law - MJS

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Democrat predicts Scott Walker appoints Rebecca Bradley to high court - MJS

No. 3 official in Department of Natural Resources resigns - MJS

Longtime advisor to Scott Walker rips his presidential campaign manager - MJS

Campaigns scramble to lock up Scott Walker’s financial backers - WaPo

September 30

Democrats call on Walker, Republicans to change agenda - RJT

GOP lawmakers propose giving finance committee oversight of state’s health insurance program - Minneapolis Star Tribune

DOT puts brakes on 5 major road projects in budget crunch - MJS

Democrats, Republicans both consider ‘ban the box’ efforts on job applications in Wisconsin - CT

Legislative task force begins study of urban education - WSJ

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Legislative task force hit for barring journalists from school tour - MJS

Democrat looks to end hunting, trapping in state parks - RJT

Walker to urge GE to reconsider fate of Waukesha engine plant - MJS

Walker leaves door open to appointing 1 of 3 candidates to court - MJS

Repeat drunken driving remains state hazard - APC

Scott Walker: ‘One in a million shot’ on being tapped as 2016 GOP running mate - WSJ

On third term question, Walker stays vague - Wisconsin Public Radio

Top Scott Walker fundraiser enlists with Jeb Bush - NYT

September 29

State layoffs to be performance-based under GOP bill - WSJ

Civil service overhaul would centralize employee discipline - MJS

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Roger Roth and Jim Steineke: Civil service reform modernizes state’s hiring process - MJS

Legislators seek to repeal law barring retailers from selling goods at less than cost - WSJ

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FamilyCare, IRIS changes worry advocates of disabled, elderly - LT

During 160-day budget debate, Scott Walker traveled outside state on at least 78 days - WSJ

Calendar shows how little Walker was in Wisconsin - ON

Scott Walker, State Patrol honor fallen trooper - MJS

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Pollster: Walker can’t blame Trump for fall - SP

Big donors seek larger roles in presidential campaigns - NYT

After Walker’s exit, it’s an all-out scramble in Iowa - WaPo

Groups urge Walker not to appoint declared Supreme Court candidates - Wisconsin Public Radio

September 28

Scott Walker says he’ll be a stay-at-home governor - MJS

Scott Walker won’t run for U.S. Senate, declines to discuss presidential bid - WSJ

Back in Wisconsin, Scott Walker’s latest cause is civil service overhaul - CT

Scott Walker: Civil service hiring will be transparent - WSJ

Scott Walker’s national standing took a hit in the presidential race - WSJ

Tommy Thompson says he thinks Scott Walker won’t run for governor or president again - CT

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Political appeal of bashing American unions may have peaked - Bloomberg

Scott Walker: Quickest candidate exit ever? - WALLSJ

UW: Fetal cell line research key to biomedicine advances - LT

AG: Drug problem a ‘public health crisis’ - SP

Starting Monday, CCAP users will need to respond to a question before they can start searching - WSJ

Uline founders want massive effort to anchor floating bog - MJS