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September 18

Tony Evers: Lawmakers have put public education under assault - WSJ

Tony Evers decries politicization of education, provokes GOP response - MJS

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Fetal parts sale ban poised to advance in Wisconsin Legislature - Wisconsin Radio Network

Abortion bills advance, setting up a showdown - NYT

More documents leaked in John Doe case - MJS

Investigators: Scott Walker’s county office abused records law to benefit campaign - WSJ

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Report shows improvement in Wisconsin’s job creation ranking - MJS

Job growth rankings: Wisconsin middle of Midwestern states - WSJ

Wisconsin ranks 30th among states in job growth, but is in top 10 for wage growth - CT

Analysts: Walker failed to deliver in debate - APC

The heat is on Scott Walker’s campaign after second presidential debate - WSJ

Scott Walker campaign chair Rick Wiley: ‘I’m not going anywhere’ - CT

Scott Walker campaign puts on a happy face despite setbacks - Bloomberg

After debate, Republicans try to alter perceptions of their performance - NYT

Amid dropping poll numbers, Scott Walker will retreat to focus on Iowa - WaPo

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Walker’s salary sacrifice paid political dividends - Politico

Scott Walker’s plan to crush American labor unions, explained - Vox

Sen. Chris Larson considering a challenge to Chris Abele - MJS

September 17

No consensus yet from Senate Republicans on Wisconsin fetal tissue bill - CT

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Planned Parenthood: Bill would lead to gap in women’s health services - LT

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Scott Fitzgerald: Be careful about ‘pulling the rug out’ from under WEDC - WSJ

Conservative legal group asks Supreme Court to limit power of state schools chief - WSJ

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New school sports law aids lawmaker’s nephew - Wausau Daily Herald

Senators approve bill allowing church columbaria - MJS

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Public benefits create disincentive to work, says Darling - Wisconsin Public Radio

7 Assembly Dems: It’s wrong to let lawmakers choose their voters - CT

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Census report: Levels of uninsured fell dramatically in U.S., Wisconsin - MJS

Poverty keeps tight grip on Milwaukee, new census figures show - MJS

Scott Walker struggles to be heard at debate, with 3 questions, little airtime - MJS

Scott Walker is barely seen, heard in second Republican debate - CT

Scott Walker, other GOP candidates spar with Trump and each other - MJS

Scott Walker goes after Donald Trump in debate, but some say it wasn’t enough to revive his campaigns fortunes - WSJ

Checking Scott Walker’s statements at the second GOP debate - WSJ

Trump wrong on Scott Walker’s Wisconsin budget: Reality check - Bloomberg

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Scott Walker swings, misses and his campaign scrambles - Politico

Walker has quiet night at GOP debate - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Scott Walker Chicago fundraiser to include Wrigley Field event - MJS

Justice N. Patrick Crooks makes it official: He’s retiring - MJS

Supreme Court Justice Patrick Crooks retiring, taking swing vote with him - WSJ

Mark Harris to challenge Sen. Rick Gudex - ON

September 16

Democrats’ proposal brings WEDC role back into state fold - MJS

Democrats call for new state agency to replace WEDC - WSJ

Wisconsin Democrats propose new economic development model to replace WEDC - CT

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Assembly committee backs off requiring FoodShare recipients to show photo ID to buy food - WSJ

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Wisconsin Senate leader hopes to pass fetal tissue ban - WSJ

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Assembly panel approves bills targeting Planned Parenthood - WSJ

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Shoreland ordinance authority removed in state budget bill - Ashland Daily Press

Senators consider bill allowing church columbaria - MJS

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Closing of voucher school spurs Democrats’ call for accountability - MJS

Head of firm chosen for new Wisconsin test gave Scott Walker $10,000 - MJS

Bucks arena opening to be delayed a year until 2018; work to begin next spring - MBJ

Scott Walker catches flak from California Republicans for canceled event - WSJ

Scott Walker touts ‘Dead Man Walker’ reference, but with a twist on article’s actual contents - WSJ

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Scott Walker seeks to boost sagging campaign in Wednesday’s debate - MJS

From relaxed to aggressive, Scott Walker heads into second debate as underdog - CT

Walker backers urge return to core beliefs - APC

He was the everyman candidate. Now Scott Walker needs to stand out. - WaPo

He’s ready: Russ Feingold joined the Senate race hoping to revive Wisconsin’s progressive tradition - CT

Judge refuses to compel John Doe prosecutors to testify - MJS

Legislators in Missouri take aim at union dues - NYT

September 15

Scott Walker proposes national right-to-work law and no bargaining for federal workers - MJS

Scott Walker’s plan to fight unions starts with eliminating NLRB - MBJ

Scott Walker pledges to battle unions, again - CT

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Unions, Dems, fellow candidates deride Scott Walker plan to eliminate public sector labor unions, federal labor board - WSJ

Fierce response to Walker plan to bar federal public unions - WSJ

Scott Walker details plan to curb the power of labor unions - NYT

Scott Walker’s anti-union push may not prove so easy as president - NPR

Scott Walker’s on-again, off-again Michigan appearance is back on - MJS

4 things that took Scott Walker from frontrunner to longshot candidate - ABC News

Poll tracker: Republican presidential candidates - WSJ

GOP lawmaker moves to have governor, not voters, pick schools chief - MJS

GOP lawmaker wants state superintendent to be appointed by governor - WSJ

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UW road show looks to shore up relations in Wisconsin - MJS

Committee approves new layoff protections for UW-Madison faculty - WSJ

On campus: Tracking effects of UW budget cuts, work on tenure policies continues - WSJ

Wisconsin Democrat call for state Corrections Department audit - CT

State Dems call for audit of Portage prison understaffing - Wisconsin Public Radio

Moulton seeks ‘Smart Growth’ repeal sponsors - ECLT

Advocates push to expand family drug courts in Wisconsin - Wisconsin Public Radio

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September 14

UW chancellor: Fetal tissue bill greater threat than budget cuts - MJS

Rebecca Blank: Fetal tissue ban would have bigger impact on UW than budget cuts - WSJ

UW regents, chancellor break silence, urge lawmakers to halt fetal tissue legislation - CT

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UW System cuts 36 positions in streamlining effort - MJS

UW system eliminates dozens of administrative positions - WSJ

Budget cuts might limit student jobs on UW campuses - MJS

GOP lawmakers vow to limit John Doe probes in October - MJS

Wisconsin legislature will vote on bill to exempt political crimes from John Doe probes - CT

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Republicans’ targeting GAB ‘all about raw political power,’ Jay Heck says - CT

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Rep. Joe Sanfelippo: Partisan GAB will be fair, transparent - WSJ

Wisconsin Legislature to focus on elections reform, abortion - WSJ

Senator: No redistricting reform - RJT

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WEDC board puts off outsourcing issue for a month - MJS

Changes eyed for bill that would break Unified board impasse - RJT

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Scott Walker returns to Iowa where his polling numbers have plummeted - MJS

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Can Scott Walker, others come back from steep drop in the polls? - MJS

Scott Walker cancels 2 GOP speeches to spend time in Iowa, South Carolina - MJS

Scott Walker cancels stops to focus on Iowa and South Carolina - NYT

Scott Walker craters – but not because of Trump - Politico

Trump vs. Walker: A tale of two tailgates - Politico

Here’s how Scott Walker’s super PAC plans to win over Iowa voters - WaPo

Scott Walker to propose abolishing unions for federal workers - MJS

Scott Walker would eliminate public sector unions, federal labor board - WSJ

Scott Walker to announce proposal to curb union power nationally - Bloomberg

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In second debate, Scott Walker must reverse narrative of a sinking presidential campaign - WSJ

On CNN, Scott Walker gets questioned about taking on special interests - WSJ

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