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August 28

Scott Walker’s weaknesses, challenges show as GOP race heats up - MJS

Subtle shifts for Scott Walker as he campaigns in  Iowa - Des Moines Register

Scott Walker says he didn’t chastise Chinese president in 2013 meeting - MJS

Scott Walker to outline aggressive foreign policy in citadel speech - MJS

Scott Walker says he would aggressively confront Islamic terrorism - WSJ

Walker: ‘We cannot afford to lose’ in Middle East - WSJ

Scott Walker: I’m tested enough for the world stage - CNN

Walker shouldn’t waste his opportunity on foreign policy - WaPo

Walker: Clinton is wrong on gun control after TV shooting - WSJ

Following Scott Walker: A timeline of the governor’s out-of-state trips - CT

Poll tracker: Republican presidential candidates - WSJ

Wisconsin shows signs of national economic recovery - MJS

Insurance regulator touts Gov. Walker’s efforts to boost Obamacare enrollment - MBJ

August 27

Corporate tax bump helps state tax collections beat projection - WSJ

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Wisconsin public schools lost 2,900 teachers over nine-year period - CT

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Wisconsin ACT scores hold steady at No. 2 for class of 2015 - MJS

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Paul Soglin: New Hill Farms building could spur downtown redevelopment - WSJ

Pending EPA rules to reduce ozone bring outcry from business groups - MJS

Walker administration assigns armed guards to DOJ offices - WSJ

Scott Walker pushes term limits but broke pledge as county executive - MJS

Scott Walker talks tough on China while campaigning in Iowa - WSJ

Scott Walker to deliver foreign policy address in South Carolina - CT

Not apologizing, but Gwen Moore stepping back a bit from Scott Walker ‘noose’ comment - MJS

August 26

State tax collections top estimates by $71 million - MJS

The head of state’s top jobs agency retiring - MJS

WEDC CEO Reed Hall to step down in September - CT

WEDC CEO Reed Hall to leave troubled agency on Sept. 25 - WSJ

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In light of Scott Walker’s China comments, aides defend Wisconsin’s trade relationship - CT

As Scott Walker criticizes China, he could see repercussions in Iowa - WaPo

6 ways Scott Walker has become more Trumpy - WaPo

How Scott Walker’s bargain hunting at Kohl’s informs his economic policy - ABC News

Sheriff David Clarke: Scott Walker campaign ‘stuck in neutral,’ needs shakeup - MJS

State Democrats, Clinton enter joint fundraising pact - MJS

Democratic Party of Wisconsin to form joint fundraising committee with Hillary Clinton - CT

Clinton signs Wisconsin fundraising contract - APC

Russ Feingold: Ron Johnson ‘has no principles’ on outside campaign money - WSJ

Teacher ranks shrink, skew white and less experienced in report - MJS

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Wisconsin still No. 2 spot in average ACT score - WSJ

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Abortions in Wisconsin dropped 10 percent in 2014 - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Nearly 700 UW-Madison faculty sign letter on fetal tissue bill - MJS

700 UW faculty members: Fetal tissue ban would be a mistake - CT

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Waukesha plan for Lake Michigan water raises worries - NYT

August 25

Democrats: Lawmakers running for federal office should reimburse state for travel - WSJ

Democratic bill would require state officials running for federal office to reimburse taxpayers - CT

Wisconsin gave financial boost to firm using fetal tissue - MJS

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Scott Walker to campaign at ‘crisis pregnancy center’ also visited by Jeb Bush - CT

Scott Walker’s policies ‘tightening the noose’ on black people, Gwen Moore says - MJS

Scott Walker: President Obama should cancel Chinese president’s U.S. trip - WSJ

Scott Walker calls on Obama to show ‘some backbone,’ cancel Chinese president’s visit - CT

Scott Walker: Obama should show ‘some backbone’ by canceling Chinese state visit - WaPo

75 percent of Wisconsin Republicans aren’t backing Scott Walker - CT

City, county, MMAC lobbied more hours than Bucks for Milwaukee arena funding - MBJ

Chris Abele hires former Democratic Party boss to aid campaign - MJS

August 24

Scott Walker’s popularity dips in Wisconsin - APC

GOP leaders dispute Scott Walker’s account of union battle - MJS

Republican leaders say Scott Walker is wrong about their Act 10 support - WSJ

Wisconsin voters no longer think state is ‘on the right track,’ poll says - CT

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To counter Donald Trump, Scott Walker refocuses campaign on passion, policy - WSJ

Scott Walker follows Donald Trump on ABC, acknowledges ‘real frustration’ with politicians - CT

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Two Midwest GOP governors with very different presidential campaigns - MJS

Scott Walker 2.0 hits the comeback trail - WaPo

Walker’s health plan hinges on a tricky subsidy rollback - WSJ

Scott Walker backs bill to block federal money for Planned Parenthood - MJS

Abortion bill stirs medical research debate - APC

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Scott Walker on Black Lives Matter: ‘Who knows who that is?’ - WSJ

Scott Walker: ‘Handful of reasonable, moderate followers of Islam’ - WSJ

Scott Walker’s campaign lets stand ‘handful of reasonable' Muslims remark - WSJ

Walker says he’s not taking a stand on birthright citizenship - WSJ

In presidential debate on immigration, Scott Walker struggles to find his voice - WSJ

Scott Walker clarifies: His current position on birthright citizenship is no position at all - WaPo

On birthright citizenship, Scott Walker takes yet another stance: Don’t change the constitution - WaPo

Scott Walker turns to New Hampshire - CNN

Big money pouring into Senate race - MJS

Feingold rips Johnson, Walker -SP

After spending $1 million, state won’t use job data system - MJS

Report: Milwaukee Bucks top lobbyist spending during budget debate - WSJ

Money spent on lobbying was up in first half of 2015, reports state - Wisconsin Public Radio

UW Foundation’s fees from Blue Cross donation questioned - MJS

Commentary by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos: Three task forces, three important issues - RJT

Wisconsin joins national push to curb solitary confinement - CT

Demand for tourism workers exceeds supply - ON