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August 21

Marquette Poll: Scott Walker’s approval level at home drops below 40 percent - WSJ

Walker’s approval rating holding steady, still leads GOP pack in Wisconsin - MBJ

Poll: Walker leads GOP foes, trails Clinton in Wisconsin - WSJ

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Graphic: Walker’s favorability drops in poll of Wisconsin voters - CT

New MU poll shows ‘a bit of a problem’ for Walker - MJS

With numbers down, Walker adds bite to New Hampshire message - MJS

Medicaid, private health coverage less likely for the poor under Scott Walker’s plan - WSJ

Scott Walker’s replacement for the ACA would leave many uninsured - Forbes

The Amazing Scott Walker - Progressive Magazine

Scott Walker’s chief of staff leaving governor’s office - WSJ

Marquette poll shows Ron Johnson, Russ Feingold rematch tightening - MJS

Wisconsin voters’ views on 20-week abortion ban tied to party, gender, age, religion - CT

Audit finds no major problems with Wisconsin elections board - MJS

Audit finds no major problems with Wisconsin elections board - WSJ

Audit of state elections board finds no major problems, but Vos still pushing reform - RJT

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Bill to exempt political crimes from John Doe investigations clears Assembly committee -CT

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Worker advocates: New rule is Scott Walker’s latest effort to make unemployment benefits harder to collect - CT

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Settlement no consolation as Talgo still steamed at derailing of Wisconsin train deal - MBJ

August 20

Marquette set to release first poll since Scott Walker’s entry in 2016 race - MJS

Feeling sense of ‘urgency,’ Walker says he’ll get aggressive - WSJ

Momentum slipping away in Iowa, Scott Walker adopts a Trump-like stance - NYT

One of Scott Walker’s role models doesn’t agree with him on everything - WSJ

Scott Walker ignores wishes of teacher who asked him to stop telling her story - WSJ

Inside and outside, candidates and teacher union members trade barbs at education summit - Concord Monitor

Why does Wisconsin lag at job creation? - CT

Russ Feingold talks minimum wage, student loans in first campaign ad - WSJ

While in mourning, Darling still wants to make a difference - MJS

WEDC committee recommends additional checks for reward recipients - WSJ

Troubled state jobs agency vows tighter controls - MJS

Talgo to keep trains, get $10 million more in settlement - MJS

State to pay $9.5M to Spanish company to settle train lawsuit - WSJ

Talgo to receive up to $9.75 million from Wisconsin over train lawsuit - MBJ

State paid Michigan lawyers $2.2 million for work on casino bid - MJS

DNR move to sell prime spring ponds outrages trout anglers - MJS

Senator: Gas prices ‘suspicious’ - RJT

Arkansas governor wants to keep Medicaid expansion, but with changes - NYT

August 19

Scott Walker unveils health care plan, emphasizing Obamacare repeal - MJS

Scott Walker: I will repeal Obamacare on Day 1 of presidency - WSJ

Scott Walker releases health care plan, calls for full Obamacare repeal - CT

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Walker calls for tax credits instead of Obamacare - ON

Scott Walker’s plan to replace Obamacare aims to boost insurance competition, empower consumers - MBJ

Scott Walker’s health care plan relies on tax credits to buy coverage - NYT

How Scott Walker proposes to repeal and replace Obamacare - WaPo

Walker unveils health-care plan, new message - WaPo

Republicans’ Obamacare ‘repeal and replace’ dilemma joins presidential contest - WaPo

In the season of political outsiders, Scott Walker seeks his niche - WSJ

Walker: I’m not flashy, I’m a fighter - ON

Scott Walker to increase attacks on Washington - NYT

Fading in the polls, Walker aims to attract Trump voters - WaPo

Wisconsin legislators discuss bill to require photo ID for food stamp recipients - CT

Bills targeting welfare fraud draw criticism at public hearing - Wisconsin Public Radio

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State DOJ seeks dismissal of gerrymandering lawsuit - WSJ

Russ Feingold backs $15 minimum wage in first campaign policy speech - WSJ

Russ Feingold lays out economic priorities - MJS

August 18

Scott Walker to unveil health care plan, emphasizing Obamacare repeal - MJS

Scott Walker offers some details on plan to repeal ‘Obamacare’ - WSJ

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GOP hopeful Scott Walker offers health plan with tax credits - WSJ

Scott Walker to blast GOP leaders in Washington - Politico

Scott Walker: The U.S. should ‘absolutely’ stop granting birthright citizenship - WaPo

Scott Walker: Donald Trump and I have similar immigration policy proposals - Politico

How Scott Walker plans to win back Donald Trump supporters - National Journal

Gov. Scott Walker rates his presidential campaign - Fox News

As Scott Walker struggles in Iowa, his campaign reaches out to a strategist - NYT

Scott Walker at Iowa State Fair criticizes GOP lawmakers, takes on protesters - MJS

Scott Walker finds familiar foil in confrontation with protesters at Iowa State Fair - WSJ

Scott Walker to protesters in Iowa: ‘I am not intimidated by you’ - CT

Scott Walker is heckled in Iowa State Fair appearance - NYT

7 takeaways from Scott Walker’s trip to the Iowa State Fair - CT

Poll tracker: Republican presidential candidates - WSJ

Russ Feingold, critic of speaking fees as senator, cashed out in office - MJS

Conservative group will spend $2.5M on Senate race - APC

Legislators to consider adding photo ID as part of FoodShare program - Wisconsin Public Radio

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School districts scramble to find teachers for open positions - MJS

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In interview, DNR secretary covers waterfront of state issues - MJS

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Frank Gimbel era ends on Wisconsin Center District board; Scott Neitzel in charge - MBJ

August 17

Scott Walker hoping Monday’s Iowa State Fair rekindles campaign - MJS

Scott Walker struggles for the Iowa prize - Politico

Up or down, Scott Walker processes polls with track analogies - CT

Scott Walker touts state tax cuts in run for president - MJS

Walker jobs pledge gets repackaged as ‘bold goal’ on national stage - WSJ

Protests follow Scott Walker on campaign trail - MJS

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Trump says Walker faces ‘tremendous dissension’ in Wisconsin - MJS

Scott Walker being trumped by the Donald in crucial state of Iowa - Bloomberg

In break from past, Russ Feingold won’t renew Wisconsin donor pledge - WSJ

Drafting files reveal series of changes to Wisconsin fetal tissue legislation - CT

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Bucks’ owners win, at Wisconsin’s expense - NYT

Attorneys spar over secretary of state cuts - WSJ

Mergers make future uncertain for some small UW-Madison departments - WSJ

Chris Abele gears up for role as overseer of troubled Milwaukee schools - MJS

Wisconsin could be hit hard by new rule on emissions - MJS

Wisconsin earns high marks from pro-transparency group for its tracking of lobbyists - Wisconsin Public Radio

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State lacks oversight of exotic animals - APC