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June 5

Arena deal includes public funding cap - MJS

Bucks: Scott Walker touts arena deal to keep team in state - WSJ

Wisconsin governor announces deal for new $500M Bucks arena - WSJ

Arena deal announced: Walker says it's cheaper to keep the Bucks than let them go - MBJ

Lawmakers divided on Milwaukee arena proposal; Democrats' support could be key - MBJ

Mixed response on Bucks deal among legislators - RJT

Debate over tenure roils UW Board of Regents - MJS

Professors urge regents to fight to keep tenure in state law - WSJ

UW System Regents committee rejects proposal to fight controversial tenure changes by Legislature - WSJ

Prof says Regents failure to protect tenure is the beginning of the end of UW - CT

Ray Cross: No plans to resign as UW System president - WSJ

Unions subdued, Scott Walker turns to tenure at Wisconsin colleges - NYT

Suburban superintendents decry state budget for public education - MJS

Senate panel advances abortion ban after 20 weeks - MJS

Jon Erpenbach: Wisconsin lawmakers 'shouldn't play God' with 20-week abortion ban - CT

Some supporters of Wisconsin's 20-week abortion ban want medical emergency provision removed - CT

Stakes are high for Wisconsin Democrats as they pick next party leader - WSJ

On the Wisconsin border, little enthusiasm for Walker's tax cuts - Reuters

Tax cuts no job magnet for Walker - Reuters

Halfway there: Wisconsin becomes 25th right-to-work state - American Spectator

Missouri governor vetoes right-to-work bill - Reuters

Hillary Clinton calls for sweeping expansion of voter access - WaPo

June 4

Arena financing deal to be announced by Scott Walker, legislative leaders - MJS

Majority of Senate Republicans want arena deal out of budget - MJS

Vos: Maybe there should be no new borrowing for roads - WSJ

Q&A: Republicans champion big changes to K-12 education in Wisconsin - WSJ

National focus on UW sharpening over tenure, governance - MJS

Democratic lawmakers' bill would restore some food stamp benefits - MJS

Lawmakers seek to legalize marijuana byproduct - MJS

Medical emergency exception in Wisconsin's 20-week abortion ban leaves room for confusion - CT

Walker defends rape and incest position on abortion bill - TIME

Scott Walker heads to Canada next week for trade mission - MJS

The ultimate in school choice or school as a commodity? - WaPo

Democrats wage a national fight over voter rules - NYT

Clinton to press for early voting expansion in states - WSJ

Clinton calls for at least 20 days of early voting nationwide - WaPo

June 3

Budget-writing committee unlikely to finish work this week - WSJ

Lawmakers hung up on arena, transportation funding - MJS

Arena deal may be ready by Friday; Fitzgerald may seek separate vote - MBJ

Vos confirms arena-funding plan nixes Frank Gimbel-led Wisconsin Center District board - MBJ

Arena negotiations: 'This could go on for months' -

Independent charter schools could be OK'd in 146 districts - WSJ

State Auditor: WEDC did not conduct staff review of questionable $500,000 loan - WSJ

Lawmakers debate abortion ban after 20 weeks - MJS

Committees take up 20-week abortion ban in emotional hearing - WSJ

20-week abortion ban sparks heated debate in Wisconsin legislative committee - CT

Bill loosening regulations on carrying knives passes Assembly committee - Wisconsin Public Radio

Scott Walker not bowing out of Florida primary fight - MJS

Scott Walker Vows to Compete in Florida - NYT

Walker backs off suggestion he'd cede Florida primary to Bush, Rubio - National Review

Scott Walker heading to Canada in two weeks - WSJ

Walker: Congress should step in if Supreme Court erases Obamacare subsidies - Bloomberg

June 2

Budget expands independent charter schools to 140 districts - MJS

South Side students rally against GOP takeover plan - MJS

Report advocates giving UW System chancellors a stronger hand - MJS

UW colleges chancellor weathers no-confidence vote - MJS

On Campus: UW Colleges chancellor survives no-confidence vote - WSJ

Arena funding plan needs 'a few more days;' No meeting set for legislative finance committee - MBJ

Walker would sign abortion bill with no rape, incest exception - MJS

Walker backs 20-week abortion ban regardless of exemptions - WSJ

Expert: Wisconsin's 20-week abortion ban bill could backfire - WSJ

Voting advocates file lawsuit challenging restrictions - WSJ

Voting rights advocates sue Wisconsin GAB over election policies - CT

Clinton lawyer accuses Wisconsin of trying to suppress the vote - NYT

Attorney general creates Office of Open Government - MJS

Wisconsin attorney general launches office of Open Government - CT

Walker: 'I'm going to keep my campaign promises' - WSJ

Walker touts his winning record, reform agenda in visit to Atlanta - Atlanta Journal Constitution

The Seltzer Score shows Scott Walker is actually trouncing Republicans in Iowa - Bloomberg

Illinois legislators end session with big issues unresolved - NYT

June 1

GOP plan reduces cuts to UW System funding - MJS

UW cut trimmed, but tenure, shared governance changes infuriate faculty - WSJ

University of Wisconsin budget to be cut $250 million - WSJ

GOP proposes reducing UW System budget cut by $25 million per year - MBJ

WI faculty incensed by motion to eliminate tenure from state statute - Inside Higher Ed

GOP proposes letting UW System authorize charter schools - WSJ

UW Colleges faculty support chancellor — mostly - APC

Budget committee cuts scientists, keeps stewardship program - MJS

Budget panel to adopt Walker's cuts to DNR scientists, reduce buys of natural areas - WSJ

GOP rejects stewardship freeze, approve DNR job cuts - WSJ

State budget deliberations stall over transportation funding - WSJ

Interest could push public cost of new Bucks arena over $400 million - MJS

Loss of experienced prosecutors points to long-standing problems for Dane County - WSJ

What should Wisconsin do to boost business? - WSJ

Northern counties left behind by Walker's jobs agency - APC

Interactive graphic: Charting Wisconsin's ranking in monthly job growth figures - CT

Economic growth: How Wisconsin compares - WSJ

Vos, facing criticism, defends position on prevailing wage - RJT

Supreme Court justices spar over hiring of court director - MJS

Iowa poll: Walker maintains popularity with 7-point lead - Des Moines Register

Scott Walker floats ideas during cruise on New Hampshire lake - MJS

Tough-talking Walker says force isn't his first instinct - MJS

Walker defends stance on abortion, recent comments - WSJ

Walker emphasizes WI record in latest New Hampshire trip - New Hampshire Public Radio

To fill budget hole, Kansas G.O.P considers the unthinkable: Raising taxes - NYT

Idaho abortion restrictions are unconstitutional: appeals court - Reuters