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May 29

Legislators to take up UW System, DNR budgets Friday - MJS

UW System faculty's role in chancellor picks could be diminished - MJS

Wisconsin Democrats critical of policy items in budget, timeline to finish work unclear - CT

DNR science, education cuts expected to be on the table during Friday's budget hearing - CT

Memo: Eliminating DNR positions could take more jobs with it - WSJ

Layoffs at DNR would trigger terminations of limited-term employees - CT

Gov. Scott Walker's science cuts may hinder efforts to halt walleye decline - CT

Rep. Berceau: Republicans want to 'bring Madison to its knees' - CT

State budget panel adds provisions affecting cities across state - MJS

Memo: State voucher expansion could cost up to $800M over 10 years - WSJ

Analysis says voucher expansion could divert $800 million - WSJ

Vouchers could shift at least $600 million from districts through 2025 - MJS

Wisconsin may be first to license teachers without degree - WSJ

What the heck is going on with Wisconsin public education? - WaPo

Walker says he'd be 'pleased' with prevailing wage repeal - WSJ

Robin Vos on prevailing wage: Full repeal still unlikely - Wisconsin Public Radio

Scott Walker backs arena funding proposal - MJS

Walker supports key parts of reported Bucks arena deal - WSJ

'Jock TIF' may put taxes on NBA players back in Milwaukee arena funding mix - MBJ

Wisconsin faith groups protest increases in prison budget, population - CT

Supreme Court justices spar over hiring of court director - MJS

Wisconsin's 20-week abortion ban may face debate over rape, incest exceptions - CT

Is Walker's stance on fast-tracked abortion bill part of his presidential maneuvering? - CT

Scott Walker stands by top aide, ducks question about questionable state loan - WSJ

The Iowa straw poll, once a kingmaker, fades into irrelevance for 2016 - WaPo

May 28

State budget committee approves long-term care changes - WSJ

Lawmakers back some, not all of, Scott Walker’s long-term care plan - MJS

Provision slipped into budget dilutes teacher license rules - MJS

State could lease buildings outside Dane County under GOP plan - WSJ

GOP lawmakers advance prevailing wage repeal - MJS

Committee approves prevailing wage repeal bill - WSJ

Andre Jacque: Republicans may need prevailing wage repeal in order to pass budget - CT

Scott Walker says he would sign prevailing wage repeal - WSJ

The prevailing wage debate’s invisible man: Scott Walker - Right Wisconsin

Taxpayers responsible for $250 million in arena plan - MJS

Wisconsin one of few states taking up higher education cuts - MJS

Funding woes in higher education - Inside Higher Ed

Biggest budget loser? - Isthmus

Fast-moving bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks up for hearing next week - MJS

Walker touts ultrasound requirements for abortions - MJS

Scott Walker: Ultrasounds are just a ‘cool thing out there’ - CT

Federal appeals court blocks Arkansas ban on abortion after 12 weeks - NPR

Walker asks for supporters’ opinions on national issues - WSJ

What makes Scott Walker run - Newsweek

May 27

Frenzied week of Wisconsin state budget votes awaits - WSJ

Legislators to take up Scott Walker overhaul of worker's compensation - MJS

'No white smoke,' but arena financing deal appears imminent - MJS

Lawmaker says goal is to announce Bucks deal Wednesday - WSJ

'Final' Milwaukee arena-funding meeting Tuesday, though deal not quite ready - MBJ

Family Care changes to come before budget committee Wednesday - MJS

Bucking leadership, Assembly panel to take up prevailing wage law - MJS

Co-sponsors of Wisconsin's 20-week abortion ban say Scott Walker is 'ready to go' - CT

West Virginia's 20-week abortion ban takes effect - Reuters

Wisconsin lawmakers encourage people to 'hunt pink' - CT

Scott Walker's latest county judicial appointment bolsters his conservative credentials - CT

Scott Walker uses Medium blogging platform to share reflections from Israel trip - CT

Scott Walker: 'Bad idea' if Congress busts budget caps - The Hill

For Scott Walker, one more budget fight looms on path to White House - McClatchy DC

Scott Walker may let Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio fight over Florida - NYT

Scott Walker might skip Florida primary in Bush-Rubio territory - WaPo

May 26

GOP lawmakers to fast track abortion ban after 20 weeks - MJS

Setting the record straight on measuring fetal age and the '20 week abortion' - WaPo

Complex science at issue in politics of fetal pain - NYT

Joint Finance Committee expected to make key budget decisions this week - Wisconsin Public Radio

Public educators are being challenged, not under assault, Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt says - CT

Critics blast legislators over surprise sports measure - WSJ

If signed into law, budget provision mandates civics test for diploma - MJS

GOP lawmakers want more timber cutting in state forests - MJS

Gov. Scott Walker taking heat from both right and left over WEDC - CT

State jobs agency has private lawyers seeking bad loan repayment - MJS

Dane County District Attorney reviewing state audit of WEDC - WSJ

Scott Walker doesn't have time to reform WEDC, Sen. Julie Lassa says - CT

Is there a better model to spur Wisconsin job growth than WEDC? - CT

Uncertain about mission of state economic agency? It's called competition - WSJ

Walker keeps Wisconsin jobs agency at arm's length - Bloomberg

Lawmakers reject Scott Walker plan to ax for-profit college board - WSJ

UW Colleges to shrink administration to deal with $6.7 million cut - WSJ

Son of Scott Walker's former campaign chairman appointed to UW Board of Regents - WSJ

Prison towers unmanned at night in state plan - GBPG

Wisconsin hunters could wear pink under legislative proposal - WSJ

Lawmakers hope to expand use of allergy treatment devices - WSJ

Will drivers ignore 70 mph law in Wisconsin? - APC

Crooks says Roggensack threatened to throw justices off cases - MJS

Emails show disputes continue on Wisconsin Supreme Court - WSJ

Scott Walker comes in second in southern GOP straw poll - WSJ

Interactive: Scott Walker's travels outside Wisconsin - WSJ

Where is Scott Walker? - New York Magazine

Can Feingold come back from defeat? - MJS

Pensions and politics fuel crisis in Illinois - NYT