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May 22

Republicans 'have concerns' about WEDC loan to struggling business - WSJ

Republicans move to restructure Walker's job creation agency - WSJ

Jon Erpenbach: Wisconsin Republicans have 'fired' Scott Walker from WEDC - CT

Joint Finance passes WEDC motion, removes Scott Walker from board - CT

Scott Walker faulted for failures at Wisconsin state agency - NYT

Scott Walker delivered about half of the jobs promised in first term - MJS

Scott Walker misses jobs campaign promise by about 121,000 jobs - WSJ

GOP lawmakers restore SeniorCare benefits - MJS

Joint Finance will reject Scott Walker's proposed SeniorCare cuts - CT

Lawmakers reject Scott Walker plan to ax for-profit college board - WSJ

State lawmakers consider bike tax to help pay for paths and trails - WSJ

Wisconsin bike tax 'not a definite,' says Joint Finance chair - CT

As budget debate continues, UW System waits for decision and braces for deep cuts - Isthmus

WI bill would allow takeover of poor-performing Milwaukee schools - Education Week

Scott Walker in Oklahoma: End U.S. ban on crude oil exports - WSJ

Scott Walker may have to define his energy views at Oklahoma Republican gathering - CT

Ron Johnson called 'most vulnerable incumbent senator' in the country - MJS

Kansas has found the ultimate way to punish the poor - WaPo

May 21

Sweeping GOP bill adds money, expands vouchers, revamps accountability - WSJ

GOP touts restored school funding as critics cite fundamental problems - MJS

State legislature eyes changing Unified board, related to separation movement - RJT

Large school districts face takeover; Racine Unified does not currently meet criteria - RJT

Wisconsin Republicans' education bill tinkers with funding, policy, vouchers and more - CT

Joint Finance to deal today with troubled WEDC, cuts to SeniorCare - MJS

Joint Finance Committee set to take up WEDC, Medicaid changes Thursday - CT

Scott Walker dumps budget proposal that would have exempted WEDC records - WSJ

Wisconsin bike tax floated as possible transportation budget measure - CT

Chris Abele, Bucks express optimism on arena deal - MJS

Arena funding plan by next week is goal of Wednesday meeting at Capitol - MBJ

Frank Gimbel prepping for $150 to $200M Wisconsin Center expansion, suggests sales tax increase - MBJ

Budget cuts would threaten community clinics - APC

Scott Walker signs 70 mph speed limit law, pauses impact of state test - MJS

Spurred by state law, Uber launching in five new Wisconsin cities - MBJ

Scott Walker: Change in immigration position not a 'flip' - WSJ

Scott Walker: Flip-flopping only happens when you take votes - WaPo

May 20

In marathon session, lawmakers tackle drug test, school vouchers - MJS

Sweeping GOP schools bill adds money, expands vouchers, revamps accountability and more - WSJ

Republicans vote to increase school funding, expand vouchers - WSJ

Wisconsin Republicans announce $200 million, voucher expansion for K-12 education - CT

GOP to insert special-needs vouchers into state budget - MJS

Highlights of education proposals in Wisconsin budget - WSJ

Revised GOP plan for MPS also addresses empty buildings - MJS

Scott Walker advocates for school choice - WaPo

A vow to veto a schools bill in Minnesota - NYT

Budget panel approves drug tests for public benefit recipients - WSJ

Board approves state worker health care cuts - WSJ

Wisconsin Democrats reintroduce student loan refinancing bill - CT

Center for Media and Democracy sues Scott Walker for 'Wisconsin Idea' records - CT

Liberal group sues Scott Walker over 'Wisconsin Idea' records - MJS

State had sued for tax delinquency firm given unsecured jobs loan - MJS

Scott Walker still not receiving WEDC award letters - WSJ

Pro-Scott Walker super PAC spells out perks for $1 million donors - MJS

Scott Walker courts House GOP - The Hill

Scott Walker says he's 'the most scrutinized politician in America' - CNN

Walker woos conservative leaders at private meeting on Capitol Hill - The Weekly Standard

Why is John Doe chasing Wisconsin's Scott Walker? - Crain's Chicago Business

May 19

Democrats call for federal investigation into questionable WEDC loan deal - WSJ

Wisconsin Democrats seek probe of Gov. Walker over loan - WSJ

Records indicate Scott Walker was copied on letter promising loan to donor - MJS

Watchdog groups have long warned against WEDC practices - CT

State health care costs could double under proposed budget cuts - WSJ

Nygren: School aid may rise $75 per student in 2nd year - WSJ

Scott Walker could set himself apart with voucher expansion - WSJ

Walker calls voucher schools a moral and economic imperative - MJS

Scott Walker casts school choice debate in moral terms - WSJ

Scott Walker touts charters, vouchers in charter-heavy New Orleans Monday -

School voucher proponents pull out boxing gloves, welcome Scott Walker - WaPo

Scott Walker hits up Washington - CNN Politics

Supreme Court won't block probe of Scott Walker's recall campaign - Bloomberg

Supreme Court won't hear case involving Scott Walker's fundraising - National Journal

Three justices apparently boycott swearing in of Marquette law grads - MJS

Wisconsin Supreme Court not in chaos, new Chief Justice Patience Roggensack says - CT

Johnson talks 2016 rematch with Feingold - MJS

The in-state tuition break, slowly disappearing - NYT

Skyrocketing prison costs have states targeting recidivism, sentencing practices - WaPo

May 18

Scott Walker wants to end loan programs for jobs agency - MJS

Scott Walker calls for elimination of state economic development loans - WSJ

Top Scott Walker aides pushed for questionable $500,000 WEDC loan - WSJ

Company obtained loan from WEDC, unsuccessful elsewhere - WSJ

Walker defends call to phase out state loan program he heads - MJS

Budget puts Wisconsin per-pupil spending below national average - MJS

GOP eyes new plan for funding voucher school expansion - MJS

Debt service, utilities taking on a larger share of UW System's funding under Walker budget- CT

Area GOP lawmakers optimistic about Bucks arena deal; Democrats critical of talks - RJT

Lawmakers set to deal with growing female prison population - WSJ

Answering a wave of domestic violence in Wisconsin - GBPG

Judge denies Shirley Abrahamson's bid to be immediately reinstated as chief justice - WSJ

Patience Roggensack to stay as chief justice for now, after judge rules - MJS

Judge allows Roggensack to serve as chief justice for now - WSJ

Supreme Court declines to hear lawsuit seeking to block John Doe probe - MJS

Wisconsin's Johnson faces a tough road to re-election - WSJ

Feingold will face different political landscape in 2016 than he did in 2010 - Wisconsin Public Radio

Republican Sen. Johnson takes swipes at Democrat Feingold - WSJ

Ron Johnson says Russ Feingold is 'addicted' to politics - MJS

Feingold talks 2016 rematch with Johnson - MJS

Walker tells Republicans he transformed Wisconsin - WSJ

'He's magic': Walker's Iowa moment continues with fundraisers, Lincoln Day Dinner - CT

Scott Walker eyes 2016 announcement after state budget debate - Politico

Scott Walker preaches to Wisconsin faithful, teases at White House bid - WSJ

Scott Walker in Iowa: Israel trip reinforced need to fight Islamic terrorism overseas - CT

After Israel trip, Scott Walker says region not ready for Palestinian state - MJS

Scott Walker compares daily life in Israel to Sept. 11 aftermath in America - Bloomberg

Scott Walker backs controversial immigrant investor program - MJS

Scott Walker's Iowa dilemma - Politico

Scott Walker doubles down on Ronald Reagan firing air traffic controllers - Bloomberg

Scott Walker's tax populism - National Review

Scott Walker curbed union power in Wisconsin - Vox