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March 11

UW Regents OK new tenure policy after tense session - MJS

Regents approve new policies for UW tenure over professors’ objections - WSJ

UW Regents approve tenure changes - WSJ

UW Regent Jose Vasquez resists pressure to change tenure; blames state for fiscal crisis - CT

Republican legislative staffer hired by UW System to oversee creation of charter schools in Madison - WSJ

Paul Soglin blames Scott Walker, Scott Fitzgerald, WMC and WEDC for state economy - WSJ

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Barca names former attorney general to ethics commission - Wisconsin Public Radio

Car seat bill would change safety requirements for infants, toddlers - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Bradley extra-marital affair, role in child placement surface - MJS

Kloppenburg: I misspoke in saying Lincoln had slaves - MJS

North Carolina exemplifies national battle over voting laws - NYT

March 10

UW Regents set for vote on new faculty tenure policies - WSJ

UW faculty lobby Board of Regents to change tenure policy proposals as Thursday vote looms - CT

Once again, Wisconsin job growth trails national pace - MJS

Officials bemoan pace of removing teens from Lincoln Hills - MJS

Groups ask EPA to step up efforts to protect drinking water - MJS

Miller Park sales tax retirement still years away - RJT

Rebecca Bradley, JoAnne Kloppenburg spar over personal views in Milwaukee forum - WSJ

Bradley, Kloppenburg debate judicial philosophy at Milwaukee Bar Association - CT

Bradley, Kloppenburg take jabs at candidate forum - MJS

Walker and Supreme Court justice have long known each other - WSJ

Conservative group spends $1M for ads against JoAnne Kloppenburg - WSJ

Walker undecided on presidential endorsement - APC

March 9 

Scott Walker signs vocational education teacher measure - MJS

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Deer, elk and bear hunters no longer need ‘nuisance’ back tags - WSJ

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Professor: UW System tenure task force wasn’t asked to endorse final policy proposal - CT

Scott Fitzgerald points finger at Paul Soglin on Oscar Mayer plant closure - WSJ

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New study contends voucher students less likely to commit crimes - MJS

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In college column, Bradley likened abortion to holocaust, slavery - MJS

Rebecca Bradley: ‘Deeply sorry’ for 1992 comments about gays, people with AIDS - WSJ

Rebecca Bradley touted ‘personhood’ tenets in college newspaper column - CT

Rebecca Bradley: ‘Mosaic of experiences’ changed views after 1992 college newspaper columns - CT

Supreme court candidate Kloppenburg wrongly says Lincoln owned slaves - MJS

Opponents question JoAnne Kloppenburg’s stance on campaign finance issues - CT

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March 8

In first four years, inspector general found tens of millions of dollars in fraud - WSJ

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State recovers $40 million in over payments for programs for the needy - MJS

Disabled, elderly testify about Family Care, IRIS changes - WSJ

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Records Board talks about transparency - MJS

Why the Wisconsin Assembly had its shortest session in 40 years - Badger Herald

UW spends nearly $9 million in effort to retain faculty stars - MJS

Outspoken UW professor Sara Goldrick-Rab says she’s leaving - MJS

UW-Madison’s Sara Goldrick-Rab announces departure as tenure is ‘vanquished’ - CT

Rebecca Bradley in 1992: ‘Queers’ with AIDS, addicts merit no sympathy - MJS

Rebecca Bradley apologizes for student columns calling AIDS patients ‘degenerates’ and gays ‘queers’ - WSJ

Rebecca Bradley called gay people ‘degenerates,’ ‘queers’ in college newspaper columns - CT

These are the safest places in Wisconsin – and these are not - MBJ

March 7

Senate may take up zombie homes bill - MJS

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Immigration activists vow to fight for local IDs - LT

State Senate candidate Mark Harris says he won’t be ‘bullied out of this race’ - CT

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State hunters, anglers to get new electronic license system - WSJ

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Conflict between neighbors highlights limits of pollution regulation - MJS

Enbridge pipeline plan in Northern Wisconsin prompts concerns - MJS

Amid rough seas for UW System, wave of distinct challenges hits UWM - MJS

Robin Vos makes appointments to new ethics, elections commissions - WSJ

Politics apparent in appointments to new ethics, elections panels - MJS

Woman: Copper Lake staff slow to respond to girl’s attempted suicide - MJS

Supreme Court takes on guns, training tapes, Lands End cases - WSJ

Rebecca Bradley leaves arguments early to speak to business group - MJS

Rebecca Bradley left court arguments early for speech - WSJ

Kloppenburg supporters say polling phone calls cast candidate in negative light - CT

Scott Walker, Paul Ryan take bow at conservative convention - WSJ

Trump runs roughshod over state GOP stalwarts - MJS

Donald Trump’s surge fuels push for Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney to get in the race - CT

Wisconsin traffic fatalities up 88 percent for February, officials say - WSJ

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More Wisconsin babies born addicted to heroin - APC

Supreme Court blocks Louisiana enforcement of abortion clinic law - NYT