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February 19

Thousands of Latinos stage pro-immigration rally at Capitol - MJS

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 533 and Assembly Bill 450

Thousands of students, workers amass at Capitol for ‘Day Without Latinos and Immigrants’ - WSJ

Assembly Republicans defend bills being protested on ‘Day Without Latinos and Immigrants’ - CT

Assembly passes property rights bills, which critics say weaken water protections - WSJ

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 459 and Assembly Bill 582

Assembly adopts bills targeting dementia among elderly - MJS

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 787788 and 790

Assembly passes bills aimed at Alzheimer’s, dementia research and support - WSJ

Assembly passes bill requiring state agencies to find 5 percent in cuts - WSJ

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 407

Assembly passes bill giving lawmakers power over state agency rules - WSJ

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 251

Assembly passes bill that costs districts with students who head to private voucher schools - WSJ

Assembly passes bill barring county executives from Legislature - WSJ

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 707

Assembly passes bill barring drivers from using cell phones in a construction zone - WSJ

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 198

Assembly approves bill on Milwaukee County debt collections

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 885

Assembly OKs bill making lying on licensing application a crime - MJS

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 812

Bill loosening local government oversight on shoreline rules heads to governor - CT

More forest land to be logged, closed to the public under bill passed by the Assembly - WSJ

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 434 and Assembly Bill 561

Assembly passes bill loosening regulations on high-capacity wells - CT

Related: Assembly Substitute Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 874

State Senate won’t pass bill to improve wrongful conviction payouts - Wisconsin Public Radio

Scott Walker signs bills reducing funding for Planned Parenthood - MJS

Related: 2015 Wisconsin Act 151 and 152Press Release

Scott Walker cuts Planned Parenthood funding - GBPG

Bill expanding strip search authority on its way to Gov. Scott Walker’s desk - CT

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 340

Kickbox bill sails through Assembly, heads to Scott Walker’s desk - MJS

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 599

Bill regulating unarmed combat sports head to Gov. Scott Walker - CT

February 18

Assembly decision day on smorgasbord of bills - MJS

As session’s end nears, state Senate, Assembly tackle slew of legislation - Wisconsin Public Radio

Thousands expected to rally at Capitol Thursday for ‘Day Without Latinos and Immigrants’ - WSJ

Legislature’s two Latina lawmakers cross words over bills affecting immigrants - MJS

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 533 and Assembly Bill 450

Wisconsin dairy farmers worry about losing Latino workers - MJS

Walker to sign bills reducing funding for Planned Parenthood - MJS

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 238 and Assembly Bill 310

As lawmakers crack down on repeat drunk drivers, estimate cites big cost for taxpayers - WSJ

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 455

State to seek bids on self-insurance for state workers - WSJ

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Water privatization bill probably can’t be revived, GOP leader says - WSJ

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 554

Assembly plans to take up high-capacity well bill Thursday - Wisconsin Public Radio

Related: Assembly Substitute Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 874

Cops push for expanded subpoena powers in child porn inquiries - MJS

Bill would remove red tape for crime victims seeking restitution - Badger Herald

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 663

Winners and losers in Tuesday’s primary election - MJS

United States Supreme Court grants John Chisholm delay to file application on Doe case - CT

February 17

Low turnout seen as Wisconsin voters head to polls, show IDs - MJS

First test of voter ID law produces few major problems amid light turnout - WSJ

Rebecca Bradley, JoAnne Kloppenburg advance in high court race - MJS

Rebecca Bradley, JoAnne Kloppenburg advance in Supreme Court race - WSJ

Wisconsin Democrats say Assembly timeline is ‘undemocratic,’ Speaker Vos disagrees - CT

Assembly OKs online voter registration, eliminates special registration deputies - WSJ

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 295

Legislature passes limits on local government IDs - MJS

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 533

Lawmakers reach deal on changes to voucher program - WSJ

Senate votes to bar county executives from serving as legislators - MJS

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 707

Senate passes bill banning county executives from serving in Legislature - WSJ

Bill barring individuals from being both a legislator and county executive passes Senate - CT

Senate approves amended bills loosening pollution regulations - WSJ

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 459 and Assembly Bill 582

Senate vote on drinking water privation bill scrapped - WSJ

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 554

Senate passes bill to regulate all unarmed combat sports - MJS

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 76

Senate sends changes to county zoning to Gov. Scott Walker - WSJ

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 563

Wisconsin Assembly passes bill banning ‘sanctuary cities’ - CT

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 450

Assembly passes bills on drunken driving, child car seats - MJS

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 352 and 400

Assembly overwhelmingly adopts bill making 4th OWI offense a felony - WSJ

Senate won’t take up WEDC fraud bill passed by Assembly - WSJ

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 669

Senate puts off vote on conviction compensation - RJT

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 460

College affordability package clears Assembly, path unclear in Senate - CT

Assembly passes bill putting WIAA under open records, meetings laws - CT

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 873

Addressing lawmakers, Ojibwe leader praises demise of Indian mounds bill - MJS

Parents of Madison shooting victim push for return to 48-hour handgun waiting period - CT

Related: 2015 Wisconsin Act 22

Legislative Audit Bureau: UW System needs to beef up its IT security - CT

Related: LAB Audit

Walker should have known about Lincoln Hills allegations, state senator says - Wisconsin Public Radio

Immigrant advocates plan "Day Without Latinos" protest Thursday - Wisconsin Public Radio

February 16

Voter ID will get test as primary features key local, statewide races - MJS

Here’s how to vote now that Wisconsin’s voter ID law is in place - CT

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Election officials will clock voters to see how long ID checks take - WSJ

UW-Madison students protest Republican bill they say will make it harder for them to vote - CT

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 295

Assembly kicks off final week with epic session - MJS

Here’s a breakdown of what lawmakers are working on in the end-of-session scramble - Wisconsin Public Radio

Senate considers bills on privatizing water utilities, property rights - MJS

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 459Assembly Bill 582, and 563

Senate Republicans may soften major rollback of lake protections - WSJ

Lawmakers may lift nuclear moratorium, but path to new plants remains unclear - Wisconsin Public Radio

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 384

College affordability bills headed for vote in Assembly, with future in Senate uncertain - WSJ

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 739740741742743 and 744

WEDC fraud bill stalled in state Senate - WSJ

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 669

Voucher funding shift faces tough sell in Senate - MJS

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 751 and 581

Assembly to vote on school funding formula change - RJT

Kickboxing bill hits late snag as state seeks one-year delay - MJS

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 76

Plan back to use Milwaukee County debtors for arena subsidy - MJS

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 885

Scott Walker orders agencies not to prepare for Clean Power Plan - MJS

Related: Executive Order

Scott Walker bars state agencies from complying with Clean Power Plan - WSJ

Mother left in dark about son’s sexual assault, beating at Lincoln Hills - MJS

Timeline: Scott Walker’s 2011 battle over union rights - WSJ

Impact of ‘No Call List’ is shrinking - ON

Stroebel to lead Cruz’s Wisconsin campaign - MJS

Duey Stroebel to head Wisconsin arm of Ted Cruz campaign - WSJ

February 15

Scott Walker signs civil service overhaul - MJS

Governor signs bill overhauling civil service laws - LT

Scott Walker signs civil service reform bill - APC

Related: 2015 Wisconsin Act 150

Wisconsin’s financial picture means paring back of initiatives, Scott Fitzgerald says - CT

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Corrections secretary resigns amid Lincoln Hills probe - MJS

DOC secretary Ed Wall resigns amid Lincoln Hills probe - WSJ

Scott Walker appoints new corrections secretary, Ed Wall resigns - CT

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Local officials divided over whether Act 10 is working in their communities - WSJ

Act 10: Teachers unions shift focus, mission - GBPG

Wisconsin gets ‘C’ for teacher licensure - ON

Wisconsin Assembly approves landlord-tenant bill - CT

Related: Assembly Substitute Amendment 2 to 2015 Assembly Bill 568

Aspects of Wisconsin law enforcement oversight bill drawing fire from officers, prosecutors - CT

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 845

Aid for wrongfully convicted could make open records problem - MJS

DNR officials discussed disciplining workers who released records - MJS

Water Council legislation floundering in state legislature - MJS

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 526

Local road tax bill hits roadblock in Assembly - Wisconsin Radio Network

Supreme Court candidates get testy heading into primary - MJS

Who will emerge in Supreme Court primary Tuesday? - WSJ

Frank Lasee to seek congressional seat - WSJ

Frank Lasee plans District 8 run for Congress - APC