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January 15

Assembly vote unlikely on revived proposal to allow concealed weapons at schools - WSJ

Vos: Assembly unlikely to take up school gun measure this year - MJS

State GOP lawmakers revise bill on historic preservation, tenant-landlord rights - WSJ

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Gun sales in Wisconsin continue at rapid-fire pace - MJS

Measure to help fish farms stirs controversy - MJS

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Bills on teacher licensure, school crime data advance - MJS

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Senate panel advances forestry bill - MJS

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Tuition task force looks at why UW students graduate with higher than average debt - CT

Scott Walker seeks student reps for UW, tech college boards - WSJ

Obamacare signups up 7 percent in Wisconsin as deadline approaches - CT

January 14

GOP bill would allow guns on school grounds, in classroom buildings - MJS

Scott Walker backs bill making WEDC fraud a felony - WSJ

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WEDC fraud bill gets bipartisan support - Wisconsin Public Radio

Scott Walker says DOA decision to not release WEDC text messages doesn’t match his policy - CT

Wisconsin lawmakers move quickly on bill aimed at fighting internet crimes against children - CT

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Bill adds $20-$40 surcharge for those convicted of crimes - RJT

Legislators endorse higher payouts for wrongful convictions - WSJ

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Senate committee OKs hunter blaze pink bill - RJT

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DOC officials replaced amid Lincoln Hills investigation approved to stay on payroll - WSJ

Scott Walker, Brad Schimel disagree on why Lincoln Hills staff details withheld - MJS

Walker: Tuition freeze helps families - ECLT

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Latest Wisconsin test performance: 51% proficient in reading, 44% in math - MJS

State releases results from Badger Exam, the one-off standardized test that is already history - WSJ

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Most state pensioners will not see decline in monthly payments - MJS

Flat returns for state trust funds - WSJ

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Little progress made on untested rape kits - APC

Scott Walker defends granting year-end interviews to TV reporters over print - CT

Local officials slam GOP lawmaker’s ‘offensive’ comments about Milwaukee - MJS

Senate race will test public’s favorable view of Ron Johnson, Russ Feingold - MJS

With health care switch, Kentucky ventures into the unknown - NYT

January 13

Assembly adopts bills aimed at curbing opiate, heroin abuse - MJS

Assembly passes package of bills addressing opiate abuse - WSJ

Wisconsin Assembly passes HOPE bills aimed at targeting prescription drug abuse - CT

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Senate OKs bills boosting rights of sex abuse, human trafficking victims - MJS

State Senate adopts parts of package aimed at curbing child abuse - WSJ

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Assembly approves lifting restrictions on new nuclear power plants - WSJ

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Robin Vos: Burial mound bill unlikely to advance this spring - MJS

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 620

Effigy mounds bill unlikely to receive Assembly vote, Vos says - CT

Save the Mounds rally draws hundreds to Capitol - Isthmus

Bill would allow burials for unclaimed bodies of veterans - MJS

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Scott Fitzgerald: No plans to change open records laws this session - CT

Elections board says parties must report corporate donations - MJS

GAB requires corporate donation reports - APC

Corporate campaign contributions to be reported after GAB vote - WSJ

Future of fetal tissue bill uncertain in Wisconsin Senate - CT

Ralliers press lawmakers on anti-abortion agenda - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Robin Vos: Discussion on fetal tissue bill ’ongoing’ - CT

Wisconsin’s new solicitor general defends admitting privileges abortion law on SCOTUSblog - CT

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State high court opens door for appeal for John Doe prosecutors - MJS

State Supreme Court allows district attorneys to intervene in John Doe - WSJ

GOP lawmaker flips off Democratic leader on Assembly floor - MJS

GOP lawmaker flips off minority leader on Assembly floor - WSJ

Rep. Bob Gannon flips off Peter Barca in heated dispute over Milwaukee crime comments - CT

Louisiana’s new governor signs an order to expand Medicaid - NYT

January 12

Things to know as legislators begin end-of-session push - WSJ

Assembly to consider package aimed at curbing opiate, heroin abuse - MJS

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Records Board backtracks amid public outcry on access - MJS

State board rescinds public records decision - WSJ

Wisconsin’s Public Records Board scraps transitory records changes - CT

Scott Walker: Package of bills will make college more affordable - WSJ

Scott Walker announces set of college affordability bills - CT

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Legislators pitch competing student debt bills - APC

Walker talks tuition freeze, college affordability at UW-L - LT

Probe of Lincoln Hills intensified with new incidents, Schimel says - MJS

AG: Investigation into Lincoln Hills abuse allegations might take another year - WSJ

State Supreme Court to decide if Schimel must release training videos - MJS

State Representative Dave Heaton won’t seek re-election - Wisconsin Radio Network

Supreme Court majority is critical of compelled public employee union fees - WaPo

January 11

Public outpouring: Emails, letters urge board reversal on records access - MJS

Two agencies at odds on whether law allows secret donations - MJS

Vos, GAB dispute campaign finance disclosures - WSJ

Last 6 state Supreme Court races attracted $13.2M in issue ad spending - WSJ

Interactive: Issue ad money spent in Wisconsin Supreme Court elections - WSJ

State legislatures tweak lobbying rules as influence industry targets their capitols - WaPo

Ban the box requirement at issue for lawmakers on civil service bill - WSJ

Scott Fitzgerald: Wisconsin Senate will pass civil service changes, but final version uncertain - CT

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 285

16 Lincoln Hills staffers on paid leave for infractions - MJS

Shortage in corrections officers creates ‘crisis situation,’ Jon Erpenbach says - CT

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A look at bills Wisconsin Legislature is considering - RJT

Mine proposed on Michigan-Wisconsin border prompts concerns - MJS

Governor Walker to announce plan to improve college affordability - MJS

Report: State college degree gap widens between whites and African-Americans - MJS

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Think tank gives Wisconsin a D+ for support of public education - CT

Mandatory union fees getting hard look by Supreme Court - NYT

Law on ultrasounds reignites abortion battle in North Carolina - NYT