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LRB Publications

Publications by Subject - LRB publications arranged by subject headings
Wisconsin Blue Book - Almanac of Wisconsin government
Budget Briefs - 2-page summaries of selected items in executive budgets
Budget Index - Comprehensive guide to identify and locate bill sections in the budget that originated from the same component draft
Census Data Publications - Statistics from the 2000 U.S. Census
Constitutional Highlights - Summaries of constitutional issues of interest to lawmakers
FYI Bibliographies - Limited, special series of one-page bibliographies prepared for discussion symposiums held by the Wisconsin Joint Legislative Council
Governing Wisconsin - The LRB publishes Governing Wisconsin, a series of brief discussions of how government works in Wisconsin
Informational Bulletins - Summary discussions of issues
Informational Memorandum - Occasional, brief publications on miscellaneous topics
Legislative Briefs - 2-page summaries of individual acts other than the budget
LRB Newsfeeds - RSS feeds for LRB Publications publication by subject area
LRB Podcasts - Audio .mp3 files covering LRB services, research and Wisconsin constitutional issues
Recent Acquisitions - A selective list of material recently added to the library collection
Reports to the Legislature - Summary of LRB activities compiled for the Legislature
Research Bulletins - In-depth treatment of issues
Tap the Power - Annotated bibliographies on selected topics
Wisconsin at a Glance - Informational maps of Wisconsin
Wisconsin Briefs - Concise information about the state government and public issues

Special Publications

Wisconsin 2009 - Color pamphlet
Wisconsin Legislative District Almanac - Research Bulletin 04-1, April 2004
Subject Index to Executive Orders (cumulative) - December 9, 2009
Introducing Wisconsin - A full-color portrait of Wisconsin
The Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau: A Century of Service - History and functions of the LRB
Wisconsin at 150 years: 1848-1998 - Supplement to the 1997-1998 Wisconsin Blue Book