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Links to news articles of interest to Legislators, staff, and legislative followers. Access to articles may be limited by paywalls put in place by news companies. These links are for information only and their posting does not constitute endorsement by the Legislative Reference Bureau, a nonpartisan service agency.

March 5

Walker's support of right to work could alter union equation - MJS

Wisconsin Democrats, Republicans lock horns before Assembly right-to-work vote - CT

Democratic amendments rejected as right-to-work bill heads toward passage - MJS

Wisconsin close to becoming 25th right-to-work state - WSJ

Assembly gears up for marathon session on right-to-work - Wisconsin Public Radio

Scott Walker plans to sign right-to-work bill Monday - CT

Right-to-work impact on union training unclear - GBPG

DOT secretary warns lawmakers about cutting highway borrowing - MJS

DOT secretary defends road bonding in governor's budget - WSJ

Audit prompts changes at election agency, officials decry budget cuts - WSJ

Bill would create state-run health insurance exchange - WSJ

Taxpayers will pay for security for all of Scott Walker's travels - MJS

Scott Walker 'very likely' to run for president, pollster says - APC

State high court may hold John Doe arguments in secret - MJS

Florida Gov. Rick Scott drops appeals in welfare drug testing case - Tampa Bay Times

The remarkable Republican takeover of state legislatures, in 1 chart - WaPo

March 4

Assembly committee to vote on right-to-work - WSJ

With right-to-work poised to pass, Minnesota Republican target Wisconsin businesses - CT

DNR secretary Cathy Stepp defends Scott Walker's changes to advisory board - MJS

Stepp says she doesn't know where idea to strip DNR Board's powers came from - Wisconsin Public Radio

Cathy Stepp tells lawmakers DNR may sell naming rights to state parks - WSJ

Deal possible on saving part of Stewardship Fund - CT

UW System leader urges legislators to OK autonomy, lessen cut - MJS

UW head Ray Cross: $300M cut is 'too much and too fast' - WSJ

Budget committee demands assurances of no UW tuition surge - RJT

Few details, costs known about Walker's drug test plan - MJS

Budget committee questions drug testing, worker's comp changes in Walker budget - WSJ

Critics question proposed WEDC, WHEDA merger in Scott Walker's budget - CT

Ballot measure on chief justice could impact Supreme Court race - CT

Senator tells DOC secretary more needs to be done for black inmates - Wisconsin Public Radio

Scott Walker says he would sign ban on abortions after 20 weeks - MJS

Scott Walker: 'I will sign' bill barring abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy - WSJ

Scott Walker's tone on abortion shifts: He'll ban procedure after 20 weeks - CT

Job training for food stamps will cost state taxpayers $18 million more through 2017 - MJS

The astonishing state-by-state rise in food stamp reliance - WaPo

March 3

Clash over right-to-work bill continues in Wisconsin Assembly - WSJ

Union bill headed to full Assembly after 12-hour hearing - MJS

Interactive: Comparing wages between states with and without right-to-work laws - WSJ

Republican calls UW research on right-to-work 'partisan, garbage' - Isthmus

Committee starts budget revision process with briefings - WSJ

Scott Walker budget gives governor more control over hiring - MJS

State troopers who protect governor to get $4-an-hour raises - MJS

Lawmaker questions raises for Walker bodyguards - APC

Key legislator calls on Bucks ownership to boost arena contribution - MJS

As questions swirl around voucher programs, schools rush to apply - MJS

Walker signals support for eliminating 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases - WSJ

Court skeptical of Arizona plan for less-partisan congressional redistricting - NYT

March 2

Scott Walker's legislative years: A staunch conservative, then as now - MJS

Analysis: The impact of Scott Walker's budget on state agencies - WSJ

State budgets $2.8 million in first year to cover Milwaukee arena bond issue - MBJ

Walker proposes shutting down state insurance coverage for cities, schools others - WSJ

Advocates: Walker's budget could hurt programs for disabled - WSJ

State to repay $16M for past economic development projects - WSJ

Scott Walker wants to end funding for renewable energy program - MJS

Gogebic drops plans for massive iron mine - MJS

Robin Vos promises action on campaign finance, GAB - MJS

Who should be able to request information about school children? - WSJ

Some schools would be able to start school year earlier under new bill - Wisconsin Public Radio

Strong feelings on right-to-work hard to find among state manufacturers - WSJ

Labor groups bring passion, if not much hope, to rally at Capitol - WSJ

Thousands protest right-to-work bill at Capitol on Saturday - CT

Behind Scott Walker's claim of doing what he says, a record of dropping bombshells - MJS

Despite criticism, Scott Walker says he's ready for the national stage - WSJ

Terrorist rhetoric has emerged with Walker, adversaries before - MJS

Scott Walker finishes second in CPAC presidential straw poll - WSJ

GOP race starts in lavish haunts of rich donors - NYT

Scott Walker pressed for specifics at Club meeting - Politico

Scott Walker: 'My view has changed' on immigration - USA


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