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Ch. 1: Biographies
Ch. 2: Feature Article
Ch. 3: Wisconsin Constitution
Ch. 4: Framework of Government
Ch. 5: Legislative Branch
Ch. 6: Executive Branch
Ch. 7: Judicial Branch
Ch. 8: Statistics
Ch. 9: Political Parties
Ch. 10: Elections
Ch. 11: State Symbols
Ch. 12: Alphabetical Index
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State Symbols

Chapter 11, pages 947-952

The origin and descriptions of the official state symbols as specified by law.

The State Symbols can be navigated through the bookmarks in the left margin which follows the pagination of the hard copy.

Chapter 11: State Symbols (pdf, 6 pages)

End Pages: Color reproductions of the state symbols in printable format (pdf, 4 pages)

Wisconsin songs and ballad

State Symbols Gallery (jpg images)

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