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Ch. 1: Biographies
Ch. 2: Feature Article
Ch. 3: Wisconsin Constitution
Ch. 4: Framework of Government
Ch. 5: Legislative Branch
Ch. 6: Executive Branch
Ch. 7: Judicial Branch
Ch. 8: Statistics
Ch. 9: Political Parties
Ch. 10: Elections
Ch. 11: State Symbols
Ch. 12: Alphabetical Index
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Wisconsin Blue Book


Published Biennially in Odd-Numbered Years

The 2011-2012 Wisconsin Blue Book is comprised of 12 sections and almost 1,000 pages. To simplify viewing and facilitate access, it has been divided into segments corresponding to the table of contents. Pages in the Adobe .pdf format allow you to print a copy of the document in the same format and pagination as the original book. Download the Reader at Adobe.

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Sales of the Wisconsin Blue Book are handled by the Department of Administration's Document Sales and Distribution Unit. The price for the 2011-2012 edition is $7.30 without shipping and $10.30 with shipping. State legislators are provided with complimentary copies to give to their constituents. You may contact your state senator or representative to ask about receiving one.

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