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Research Staff

The LRB’s research staff primarily serves the Wisconsin Legislature but also provides a variety of information resources and services to facilitate public access to legislative information. Pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes s. 757.30 the research staff may not perform services that might constitute the unauthorized practice of law.

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To reach the reference desk, call 608-266-0341 or refer to the contact links at left.

Our Staff
Julie Pohlman, Research and Library Services Manager
Jason Anderson, Legislative AnalystLynn Lemanski, Senior Publications Editor
Victoria Enright, Senior Publications Editor Kristina Martinez, Reference & Instruction Librarian
Lauren Jackson, Legislative AnalystCiara O'Neill, Legislative Analyst
Michael Keane, Senior Legislative AnalystRobert Paolino, Senior Legislative Analyst
Jennifer Le, Legislative AnalystDaniel Ritsche, Senior Legislative Analyst

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