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LRB Reference & Research Services

Our Mission

As an agency supporting the Wisconsin Legislature, the Legislative Reference Bureau offers a broad range of information, research, and analysis. Our legislative analysts and editors, on behalf of the legislature, assist the public in obtaining information on state government and public policy issues. We also compile the Wisconsin Blue Book, the biennial almanac of state government. Our services are:

ACCURATEResearch is comprehensive, reliable, and up-to-date.
IMPARTIALAnalysis is nonpartisan and unbiased.
CONFIDENTIALYour identity and research requests are protected.

Patron Services

As the institutional memory of Wisconsin Government, the LRB has many valuable resources to facilitate your research. Our library collection and facilities provide access to:

GENERAL INFORMATION Find statistics, historical facts, quotations, and other information in almanacs, history books, encyclopedias, law dictionaries, atlases, and other sources.
BACKGROUND ON LEGISLATION Look up bill histories, roll call votes, committee hearing records, Senate and Assembly Journal entries, and rules from the Wisconsin Administrative Code.
LEGISLATIVE HISTORY Trace the origin of statutes, examine official drafting records, and research the adoption of administrative rules by state agencies.
LEGISLATION & JUDICIAL DECISIONS Locate laws, bills, administrative rules, and court decisions from the state.
NEWS ARTICLES Search our extensive Clippings Collection, Capitol Headlines, or LRBClip, our in-house clippings database, to find old or new items on any topic.
INFORMATIONAL REPORTS Obtain our concise summaries of recent laws and more comprehensive reports on legislative issues in person or on our Web site.

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