The Legislative Human Resources Office (LHRO) is nonpartisan and serves both houses of the Wisconsin Legislature.

The LHRO provides the following services:

  • Conducts human resources (HR) orientations for incoming legislators/employees;
  • Manages payroll & benefit administration (including processing monthly payrolls and coordinating new employee/yearly benefit open enrollment);
  • Processes (and answers questions related to) family and medical leave (FMLA) requests;
  • Processes (and answers questions related to) reasonable accommodation requests;
  • Processes (and answers questions related to) harassment/discrimination/retaliation/bullying formal complaints or informal concerns;
  • Receives and coordinates worker's compensation claims;
  • Oversees risk management compliance;
  • Aids offices with recruitment needs (e.g., creating/editing job announcements, posting job announcements online, creating/editing interview questions, etc.);
  • Aids offices with performance management and disciplinary needs (e.g., creating/editing employee performance reviews, consultation/advice related to employee performance management and disciplinary concerns, etc.);
  • Produces all required monthly, quarterly and annual reports (required for various state and federal entities);
  • Produces year-end individual tax information for employees; and,
  • Assists employees with HR questions/needs during all phases of employment.

Risser Justice Center
17 W. Main Street, Suite 402
Madison, WI 53707

Amanda Jorgenson, HR Manager
Mark Kaeppel, Deputy HR Manager
Heidi Sarnow, Payroll Officer
Lisa Maffet, Payroll Officer
Joye Monroe, Assistant

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