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Joint Committee on Finance Passive Review Requests

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Children and Families: Electronic Subsidies1/12/201512/18/2014
Natural Resources: Portage County12/19/201412/2/2014
Natural Resources: Platteville12/19/201412/2/2014
Natural Resources: Juneau County12/19/201412/2/2014
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Natural Resources: Lower Chippewa River11/20/201411/3/2014
collapse Approved
Natural Resources: Port Washington Breakwater12/12/201411/24/2014
Military Affairs: Military Property10/31/201410/14/2014
UW Auxiliary Reserve Plan10/27/201410/8/2014
Health Services and Children and Families: Income Augmentation10/20/201410/1/2014
Lottery and Gaming10/15/20149/26/2014
Natural Resources: Honey Creek Estates10/14/20149/25/2014
Natural Resources: Awassa Forest9/2/20148/13/2014
Milwaukee County District Attorney Project Position8/28/20148/11/2014
Milwaukee County District Attorney8/22/20148/5/2014
Marinette County District Attorney's Office8/12/20147/24/2014
Brown County District Attorney7/3/20146/16/2014
Justice: Handgun Purchaser Record Check7/3/20146/16/2014
Natural Resources: Twin Lakes6/24/20146/5/2014
Pay Plan Adjustments6/23/20146/4/2014LFB Memo.pdfLFB Memo.pdf
Natural Resources: Groundwater Quantity Administration6/23/20146/4/2014
Natural Resources: Avon Bottoms Wildlife Area6/19/20146/3/2014
Natural Resources: New Munster Wildlife Area6/19/20146/3/2014
Natural Resources: Northern Highland State Forest6/19/20146/3/2014
Minnesota-Wisconsin Interstate Tuition Reciprocity Program6/9/20145/20/2014
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection: Gifts and Grants5/16/20144/29/2014
Employee Trust Funds5/16/20144/29/2014
University of Wisconsin System: Carbone Cancer Center5/15/20144/28/2014
Natural Resources: Meyer Nature Preserve5/15/20144/28/2014
Federal Block Grants5/13/20144/24/2014
Act 41: Venture Capital Investment Program5/12/20144/23/2014
Natural Resources: City of Oshkosh5/6/20144/17/2014
Natural Resources: Rusk County5/6/20144/17/2014
University of Wisconsin System: Program Revenue Calculation Methodology and Fund Balances Policy5/5/20144/16/2014
Health Services: Sheboygan Tuberculosis Response5/1/20144/14/2014
Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation: Early Stage Seed Investment Program5/1/20144/14/2014
Natural Resources: Fox River4/30/20144/11/2014
Natural Resources: Military Ridge Trail4/28/20144/9/2014
Public Service Commission: Utility Regulation4/25/20144/8/2014
Wisconsin Technical College System: Funding Base4/17/20143/31/2014
Natural Resources: Spirit Lake Preserve4/11/20143/25/2014
Historical Society4/11/20143/25/2014
Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office4/11/20143/25/2014
Milwaukee County District Attorney Project Position4/4/20143/18/2014
Natural Resources: Stewardship Grant for Town of Mercer3/31/20143/12/2014
Health Services: Comprehensive Community Services3/19/20142/28/2014
Revenue: Lottery3/17/20142/26/2014
Public Instruction: Project Position3/17/20142/26/2014
State Fair Park3/17/20142/26/2014
Natural Resources: Anchor Bank (Berg) Property3/13/20142/24/2014
Natural Resources: Foresty County--McCloud and Tower Block Acquisition3/13/20142/24/2014
Military Affairs: HAZMAT Contract3/11/20142/20/2014
Justice: Federal Block Grants2/11/20141/23/2014
Unsupported Overdrafts 1/21/201412/30/2013
Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association and Wisconsin County Forests Association 1/17/201412/27/2013
Natural Resources: Biron Flowage (Wood County)1/16/201412/26/2013
Natural Resources: Lakeside Park (Door County)1/16/201412/26/2013
Natural Resources: Piela Acquisition (Langlade County)1/16/201412/26/2013
Natural Resources: White River Park (Walworth County)1/16/201412/26/2013
Children and Families: Office of Inspector General1/14/201412/20/2013
Dane County District Attorney Prosecutor Position1/10/201412/18/2013
Natural Resources: Ferrous Mining Field Activities1/10/201412/18/2013
Milwaukee County District Attorney Project Positions1/10/201412/18/2013
Brown County Project Position1/10/201412/18/2013
University of Wisconsin System: Program Revenue Balances and Reserves12/30/201312/9/2013

2013_12_10 objection.pdf2013_12_10 objection.pdf

Natural Resources: Grant for Clark County (Norwegian Creek Project)12/16/201311/26/2013
Natural Resources: Sugar River Wildlife Area12/11/201311/21/2013
Natural Resources: City of Washburn Boat Launch Repair11/26/201311/7/2013
Natural Resources: Grant for Pershing Park Boat Launch11/26/201311/7/2013
Natural Resources: Stewardship (Muskego, Waukesha County)11/15/201310/29/2013
Fond du Lac County District Attorney's office11/14/201310/28/2013
Health Services: Sheboygan Tuberculosis Response11/14/201310/28/2013
Administration: Self Funded Portal (with Attachments)11/14/201310/28/2013
Lottery and Gaming10/31/201310/16/2013
Health Services and Children and Families: Income Augmentation10/18/201310/1/2013
University of Wisconsin System: Auxiliary Reserve10/17/20139/30/2013
Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office 10/10/20139/23/2013
University of Wisconsin System: Incentive Grants (Revised)10/8/201310/3/2013
Insurance: Fingerprinting of Insurance Intermediaries Costs10/1/20139/12/2013
University of Wisconsin Funding Plan10/1/20139/12/2013
Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Project Position9/20/20139/3/2013
Administration: Modifications Necessary to Program Revenue or Program Revenue-Service Appropriations8/20/20138/1/2013
Pay Plan Adjustments7/15/20136/26/2013

2013_07_02 JFC Pay Plan.pdf2013_07_02 JFC Pay Plan.pdf

Military Affairs: Program Services7/5/20136/17/2013
Justice: Background Check for Licenses to Carry Concealed Weapons7/1/20136/12/2013
Natural Resources: Yahara River 6/13/20135/24/2013
Natural Resources: Stewardship (Ottawa, Waukesha County)6/13/20135/24/2013
Natural Resources: Stewardship (Winchester, Vilas County)6/13/20135/24/2013
Natural Resources: Stewardship (Sumpter, Sauk County)6/13/20135/24/2013
Natural Resources: Pheasants Forever for Avon Bottoms State Wildlife Area6/7/20135/20/2013
Military Affairs: Contract for Wisconsin Hazardous Materials Response System Services (City of Appleton, City of Oshkosh, City of Green Bay, City of Wausau, Oneida County, City of Marinette, Waupaca County, City of Marshfield, City of Wisconsin Rapids)6/5/20135/16/2013
Military Affairs: Contract for Wisconsin Hazardous Materials Response System Services (City of Eau Claire, City of Chippewa Falls, City of Superior, City of Ashland, Barron County, Dunn County)6/5/20135/16/2013
Military Affairs: Contract for Wisconsin Hazardous Materials Response System Services (City of Madison, City of La Crosse, Columbia County, Grant County, Rock County, Vernon County)6/5/20135/16/2013
Military Affairs: Contract for Hazardous Materials Response System Services (City of Milwaukee, City of Racine, Dodge County, Washington - Ozaukee Counites, Sheboygan County)6/5/20135/16/2013
Natural Resources: Douglas County5/23/20135/6/2013
Natural Resources: Boscobel Bluffs5/23/20135/6/2013
Natural Resources: Namekagon Barrons5/14/20134/25/2013
Natural Resources: Ice Age Trail - Burnet River Project5/14/20134/25/2013
Natural Resources: Westameyer Block5/14/20134/25/2013
Natural Resources: Yellow River Unit Expansion5/14/20134/25/2013
Milwaukee County District Attorney5/9/20134/22/2013
Waushara County District Attorney Office5/2/20134/15/2013
Veterans Affairs PR Expenditure Authority5/2/20134/15/2013
Milwaukee County District Attorney Office5/2/20134/15/2013
Administration: Lapse Plan5/1/20134/12/2013
Natural Resources: Dorn Creek Fishery Area4/26/20134/9/2013
natural Resources: Holy Wisdom Monastery Prairie, North Mendota Watershed4/26/20134/9/2013
Natural Resources: Downtown Riverwalk Rehabilitation (Milwaukee River)4/26/20134/9/2013
Natural Resources: Southside Riverwalk -- Boatworks Property Phase 14/26/20134/9/2013
Corrections: Correctional Farms4/22/20134/3/2013
Walworth County District Attorney's Office4/22/20134/3/2013
Natural Resources: Stewardship Grant to City of Waupaca3/29/20133/12/2013
Natural Resources: Increase for Development Grant to the City of Neenah3/29/20133/12/2013
Natural Resources: River Revitalization Foundation - Rotary Centennial Arborteum Project (Milwaukee)3/21/20133/4/2013
Revenue: Lottery Sales and Prize Payout3/15/20132/26/2013
Justice: Federal Appropriations3/12/20132/27/2013
Natural Resources: Ice Age Trail3/7/20132/18/2013
Safety and Professional Services: License and Credential Fees2/22/20132/5/2013
State Fair Park2/13/20131/25/2013
Natural Resources: Kenosha County: West End (KD Park) Expansion2/8/20131/22/2013
Military Affairs: Challenge Academy Program1/29/20131/9/2013
Unsupported Drafts1/18/201312/28/2012
Building Commission: State Sale1/10/201312/18/2012
Natural Resources: Burnett County1/9/201312/17/2012
Natural Resources: Commissioners of Public Lands1/8/201312/14/2012
Natural Resources: Tigerton Lumber Company1/8/201312/14/2012
Natural Resources: Arline Brogli and Kathryn Doering1/8/201312/14/2012
Transportation: Public Safety Radio Management1/2/201312/10/2012
Milwaukee County District Attorney: Gifts and Grants1/2/201312/10/2012
Fond du Lac County District Attorney: Gifts and Grants1/2/201312/10/2012
Natural Resources: City of De Pere Riverwalk and Pier1/2/201312/10/2012
Natural Resources: Arrowhead Park and Trail1/2/201312/10/2012
Natural Resources: Harbor Park Seawall1/2/201312/10/2012
Courts: Materials and Services12/27/20126/13/2012
Wisconsin Historical Society 12/19/201211/30/2012
Natural Resources: Futurewood Corp12/19/201211/30/2012
Natural Resources: Revocable Trust12/19/201211/30/2012
Natural Resources: Smith Cerny12/19/201211/30/2012
Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office12/7/201211/19/2012
Municipal Services Payments 12/3/201211/13/2012
Natural Resources: Land Purchase from Paul and Helen Schilling (Rock County)11/14/201210/26/2012
Natural Resources: Grant that would Add Acres to Forest County Forest (Town of Crandon)11/9/201210/23/2012
Natural Resources: Grant for Bayfield Regional Conservancy Marengo River (Town of Lincoln)11/9/201210/23/2012
Natural Resources: Development Grant for Riverside Park and Trail Improvement (Ctiy of Mauston)11/9/201210/23/2012
Total Funds Available for Distribution Under Lottery and Gaming Credit10/31/201210/19/2012
Administration: Expenditure Authority10/26/201210/9/2012
University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Authority 10/25/20129/18/2012
Health Services and Children and Families: Federal Income Augmentation Funds10/19/201210/2/2012
Revenue: Debt Collection Program10/19/201210/2/2012
UW System: Student Fee Funded Auxiliary Reserve10/19/201210/2/2012
Natural Resources: Stewardship for Elaine D. Taylor10/19/201210/2/2012
Natural Resources: Stewardship for James C. Miller10/19/201210/2/2012
Corrections: Interagency and Intra-agency Assistance10/19/201210/2/2012
Historical Society: Gifts and Grants10/19/201210/2/2012
Natural Resources: Land Purchase from Blanche Lurvey Woods Trust9/4/20128/15/2012
Public Instruction: Transfer of funds 9/4/20128/15/2012
Educational Approval Board 8/24/20128/7/2012
Dane County District Attorney 8/16/20127/30/2012
Federal Block Grants8/14/20127/26/2012
Minnesota-Wisconsin Interstate Tuition Reciprocity Program 7/25/20127/6/2012
Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Tax Credit7/24/20127/3/2012
Administration: Pay Plan Adjustment 7/20/20127/2/2012
Natural Resources: Land Purchase from Adele Fischer Trust 7/19/20126/29/2012
Natural Resources: Land Purchase from Mason Lake Associates, LLC 7/19/20126/29/2012
Natural Resources: Land Purchase from the James H. Gnewuch Revocable Trust 7/19/20126/29/2012
Justice: Background Checks for Licenses to Carry Concealed Weapons 7/2/20126/13/2012
Office of Justice Assistance 6/22/20126/5/2012
Unsupported Overdrafts6/18/20125/30/2012
Natural Resources: Land Purchase from David and Jean Augsburger 6/12/20125/23/2012
Natural Resources: Land Purchase from Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois6/12/20125/23/2012
Natural Resources: Land Purchase from the Lyme St. Croix Foresty Company 6/12/20125/23/2012
Natural Resources: Land Purchase from Ronald Urbaniak 6/12/20125/23/2012
Veterans Affairs: Veterans Home at King 5/17/20124/30/2012
Milwaukee District Attorney Office 5/17/20124/30/2012
Justice: Positions 5/17/20124/30/2012
Natural Resources: Malkowski Land Purchase 5/15/20124/26/2012
Natural Resources: Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program: Pike River Recreational Corridor5/14/20124/25/2012
Natural Resources: Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program: Plum Creek Timberlands 5/14/20124/25/2012
Natural Resources: Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program: Totagatic River in Washburn County5/14/20124/25/2012
Military Affairs: Hazmat Contracts 5/4/20124/16/2012
Children and Families: Federal TANF Block Grant 4/19/20124/2/2012
Natural Resources: City of Muskego4/17/20123/29/2012
Natural Resources: Land Purchase from Logeman4/17/20123/29/2012
Natural Resources: City of Madison 4/17/20123/29/2012
Natural Resources: Land Purchase from DallaGranna, Miller, Living Trust4/17/20123/29/2012
Natural Resources: Nature Conservancy (Village of Nelson) 4/10/20124/22/2012
Natural Resources: William Steiger Park 4/5/20123/19/2012
Board on Aging and Long-Term Care 3/30/20123/13/2012
Administration: Oneida County District Attorney3/22/20123/5/2012
Public Service Commission: Stray Voltage 3/22/20123/5/2012
Natural Resources: Sauk County 3/19/20122/29/2012
Natural Resources: Waukesha County 3/19/20122/29/2012
Natural Resources: Walworth County 3/19/20122/29/2012
Revenue: Lottery Sales and Prize Payout3/19/20122/29/2012
Administration: Federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)3/16/20122/28/2012
Health Services: Medicaid Efficiency Measures3/15/20122/27/2012
Health Services: Seal-A-Smile 3/15/20122/27/2012
Natural Resources: Land Purchase from Greenwood Forest Products 3/13/20122/23/2012
Natural Resources: Land Purchase from The Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois3/13/20122/23/2012
Natural Resources: Land Purchase from Huntsinger Farms, Inc. 3/13/20122/23/2012
Natural Resources: Land Purchase from Verdean and Mary Sherven 3/13/20122/23/2012
Natural Resources: Land Purchase from Wisconsin Central Ltd.3/13/20122/23/2012
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection: Gifts and Grants 3/6/20122/16/2012
Natural Resources: Port Washington 3/6/20122/16/2012
Natural Resources: Sauk County 3/6/20122/16/2012
Milwaukee County District Attorney 3/6/20122/16/2012
Natural Resources: Land Purchase from Edward and Victoria Schardt 2/15/20121/27/2012
Natural Resources: Door County Land Trust 2/15/20121/27/2012
Natural Resources: Grant to City of Neenah for Herb and Dolly Smith Park from Stewardship Program 2/2/20121/13/2012
Wisconsin Historical Society1/26/20121/6/2012
Children and Families: Implementation of an Incentive Program for Local Fraud Detection 1/20/201212/30/2011
Unsupported Drafts1/18/201212/28/2011
2011-12 Lapse Plan1/13/201212/23/2011
Natural Resources: Phyllis Hinz 1/9/201212/19/2011
Natural Resources: Stewardship1/9/201212/19/2011
Marathon, Milwaukee, Winnebago, Outagamie and Fond du Lac County District Attorney 12/30/201112/12/2011
Milwaukee and Outagamie County District Attorney12/30/201112/12/2011
Milwaukee County District Attorney 12/30/201112/12/2011
Natural Resources: Crandon Recreational Trail 12/29/201112/9/2011
Natural Resources: Yahara River Corridor Trail 12/29/201112/9/2011
Public Instruction: Funds Transferred from Other State Agencies12/27/201112/7/2011
Military Affairs: Hazmat Contracts12/16/201111/29/2011


Background Check for Licenses to Carry Concealed Weapons 12/13/201111/23/2011
Justice: Federal Appropriations12/13/201111/30/2011
Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation: Reallocation of Tax Credits12/9/201111/21/2011
Natural Resources: Stewardship for Oshkosh 12/7/201111/17/2011
Natural Resources: Stewardship for Racine12/7/201111/17/2011
DOA Municipal Services Payments12/6/201111/16/2011
Military Affairs 11/18/201111/1/2011
Health Services: Medicaid11/17/201110/31/2011
University of Wisconsin System: Capital Project Procedures 11/8/201110/20/2011
Administration: Capitol Security Costs11/2/201110/14/2011
Administration: Lottery and Gaming Credit 11/1/201110/14/2011
UW System Auxiliary Reserve 10/27/201110/10/2011
Income Augmentation10/21/201110/4/2011
UW GPR Budget Reduction Plan at UW System Administration10/21/201110/4/2011
Natural Resources: Stewardship10/20/201110/3/2011
Workforce Development: Gifts and Grants10/19/20119/30/2011
Dane County District Attorney 10/6/20119/19/2011
Background Check for Licenses to Carry Concealed Weapons 10/5/20119/16/2011
OJA -- Federal Block Grant 9/19/20118/30/2011
Children and Families: Federal Block Grant 9/16/20118/30/2011
Children and Families: Child Support Funding9/15/20118/29/2011
Natural Resources: Forestry Easement Purchase from Plum Creek Timberlands 8/31/20118/15/2011
Milwaukee County District Attorney 8/25/20118/8/2011
Administration: Pay Plan Adjustment 8/3/20117/15/2011
Fond du Lac County District Attorney7/20/20116/30/2011
GAB: Voter Photo ID Law 7/14/2011
2011-2012 Minnesota--Wisconsin Interstate Tuition Reciprocity Program7/9/20116/20/2011
Federal Expenditure Plan 7/6/20116/17/2011
Milwaukee, Dane and Outagamie Counties: PR Assistant District Attorney Positions6/30/20116/13/2011
Military Affairs: Contracts for Regional Hazardous Materials Response Team Services 6/29/20116/13/2011
Administration: Operating Note Approval 6/10/20115/23/2011
Board of Commissioners of Public Lands: Trust Lands and Investments5/27/20115/10/2011
Minnesota – Wisconsin Interstate Tuition Reciprocity Program 4/21/20114/4/2011
Natural Resources: Stewardship 4/12/20113/25/2011
Revenue: Estimate of Lottery Ticket Sales and Prize Payments3/17/20112/28/2011
Regulation and Licensing: Administrative and Enforcement Costs3/16/20112/25/2011
Government Accountability Board: Lobbying Administration2/16/20111/28/2011