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Joint Committee on Finance Schedule

Room 412 East, State Capitol
February 19, 2014 @ 10:00 a.m.   
       January 2014 SS AB 1 and SB 1: General Fund Taxes and Property Taxes
       January 2014 SS AB 2 and SB 2:  Funding for the Department of Workforce Development
       SB 539 and AB 704:  State Highway Rehabilitation Program Funding
       AB 407 and SB 343:  Snowmobile Trail Use Stickers
       AB 541 and SB 448:  Sales and Use Tax Exemptions for Fertilizer Blending, Feed Milling and Grain Drying Operations
       AB 644 and SB 490:  Sales and Use Tax Refund of Bad Debt for Private Label Credit Card Companies
       SB 507 and AB 668:  Treatment Alternatives and Diversion Program
       AB 701 and SB 541:  Regional Opioid Treatment Programs
       AB 732 and SB 575:  County Forest and Managed Forest Law Payments
       AB 438 and SB 348:  Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Aircraft Parts and Services
       AB 770:  Emergency Heating Assistance Loan Guarantee Program
       AB 574 and SB 437:  Designation of Agricultural Enterprise Areas