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Steering Committee on Income Tax

Chair: Rep. Robin Vos
Vice Chair: Rep. Dale P. Kooyenga
Legislative Council Staff:  Dan Schmidt and Scott Grosz
Member List 

The steering committee is directed to: conduct information symposia and develop recommendations regarding Wisconsinís income tax code. The committee shall: review Wisconsinís current income tax code, the income tax codes of other states, and previously proposed methods for state tax code reform; consider the social and economic effects of tax code reforms as applied to individual and corporate taxpayers as well as the fiscal effects on state revenues; and develop recommendations, in the form of a committee report, for income tax reform that would improve economic growth for residents and businesses in the State of Wisconsin.

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December 14, 2012 Mail Ballot
October 18, 2012 Meeting
  • 5 Guiding Principles
  • Presentation by Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Recommendations for Wisconsin Legislative Changes.
    • Testimony, Richard Kollauf, JD, CPA, Director, Vogel Consulting Group, S.C.
    • PowerPoint, Richard Kollauf, JD, CPA, Director, Vogel Consulting Group, S.C.
    • Testimony, Michael Friedman, CPA, JD, Tax Director, Scribner, Cohen and Company, S.C.
    • Testimony, Henry Jasper, CPA, MST.
  • Tax Policy Handbook for State Legislators, prepared by the Fiscal Affairs Program, National Conference of State Legislature.
  • Presentation by John Koskinen, Chief Economist, Division of Research and Policy, Department of Revenue.
September 6, 2012 Meeting
  • Memo summarizing states with a flat income tax rate and related exemptions. 
  • Spreadsheet "AggStats-96-10 shares" contains three summaries on the final sheet describing: 1) Share of Filers by Income Category, 2) Share of Wisconsin Adjusted Gross Income by Income Category; and 3) Share of Net Taxes by Income Category.  The preceding sheets provide the supporting data for the summary.
  • Spreadsheet "2010 Aggregate Statistics" has the most recent information relating to both the number of returns and the amounts claimed for exemptions, subtractions, and credits. 
  • Wisconsin Tax Incidence Study, Department of Revenue (December 16, 2004).
  • Memo summarizing the Department of Revenue's collections and compliance initiatives, including audit staffing and a breakdown of delinquent taxes by type.
  • Spreadsheet summarizing IRS information relating to Individual Income and Tax Data, by State and Size of Adjusted Gross Income (Tax Year 2010).
  • Map of states indicating the average effective income tax rates for the bottom 20% of income level. 
  • PowerPoint presentation by Matt Gardner, Executive Director, Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy.
  • PowerPoint presentation by Andrew Reschovsky, Professor, Public Affairs and Applied Economics, La Follette School of Public Affairs.
  • Magazine, The Nation's First, The State's Largest The State Income Tax:  Magnitude, Incidence, and Complexity (April 2012), distributed by Todd Berry, President, Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance.
  • Handouts submitted by Joseph Henchman, Vice President, Tax Foundation:
    • Wisconsin Tax Facts and Comparisons
    • Handout, State-Specific Details
    • Table, Wisconsin State-Local Tax Burden Compared to U.S. Average (1977-2009)
July 25, 2012 Meeting
  • Memo No. 1 (plus attachments), State Individual Income Tax Forms (July 24, 2012).
  • Memo, Rankings on State and Local Government Revenues and Expenditures, from Rob Reinhardt, Program Supervisor, Legislative Fiscal Bureau (July 25, 2012).
  • Report, Individual Income Tax Provisions in the States, prepared by Rick Olin, Legislative Fiscal Bureau (July 2012).
  • Memo, Information on Adjusted Gross Income and Net Individual Income Tax Liability for Six Tax Years, prepared by Rick Olin, Legislative Fiscal Bureau (July 30, 2012).
  • Presentation, by John Koskinen, Chief Economist, Division of Research and Policy, Department of Revenue.
June 26, 2012 Meeting