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Special Committee on Health Care Reform Implementation

Co-Chairs: Sen. Alberta Darling and Rep. Pat Strachota
Co-Vice Chairs: Rep. Jon Richards and Sen. Jon Erpenbach
Legislative Council Staff:  Laura Rose and Margit Kelley
Member List 

The Special Committee is directed to study and make recommendations on what changes should be made to Wisconsin’s statutes and administrative rules in response to recently enacted federal health care reform legislation. The committee is directed to study all aspects of the federal legislation that affect Wisconsin including insurance market reforms, coverage for uninsured persons, preventive care, taxation, quality improvement, and health workforce issues.

Proposed Report to the Legislature
January 10, 2011 Meeting (CANCELLED)
  • WLC: 0038/3, relating to the establishment of the Wisconsin Health Exchange Authority.
  • WLC: 0080/1, proposed Amendment 1 to WLC: 0038/3.
  • WLC: 0081/1, proposed Amendment 2 to WLC: 0038/3.
  • WLC: 0082/1, proposed Amendment 3 to WLC: 0038/3.
December 13, 2010 Meeting
  • WLC: 0038/2, relating to the establishment of the Wisconsin Health Exchange Authority.
  • WLC: 0038/1, relating to the establishment of the Wisconsin Health Exchange Authority.
  • Memo No. 5, Powers and Duties of Health Care Exchanges from Utah, California, and Massachusetts (December 7, 2010).
  • Document, Proposed Amendments to LRB Draft for a WI Health Exchange Authority, submitted by Public Member David Riemer.
  • Handout, American Health Benefit Exchange Model Act, submitted by Public Member David Riemer.
  • Handout, Adult Dependent Coverage, The Alliance, submitted by Public Member Cheryl A. DeMars.
November 9, 2010 Meeting
  • Memo No. 2, Selected Issues Relating to Application of Federal Health Care Reform Law (October 15, 2010).
  • Memo No. 3, Guiding Principles for Committee Discussion (October 15, 2010).
  • Memo No. 4, Options for Wisconsin Exchange and Governing Body (October 15, 2010).
    • Enclosure 1, Letter to Representative Jon Richards, from Dennis Conta, Chair, Board of Directors, and Amie Goldman, CEO, HIRSP Authority (October 7, 2010).
    • Enclosure 2, Statutory language creating a Massachusetts and California health exchange.
October 21, 2010 Meeting (CANCELLED)
September 21, 2010 Meeting
  • Memo No. 1, Health Benefits Exchanges in Selected States and Under Federal Health Care Reform (September 14, 2010).
  • PowerPoint presentation, Overview of Massachusetts Health Reform:  Exchange Design Issues & Lessons Learned, submitted by Jon Kingsdale, Ph.D., Kingsdale & Associates, LLC (September 21, 2010).
  • Presentation by S. Dave Jackson, Utah Defined Contribution Risk Adjuster Board Chair, The Utah Health Exchange, A Utah Solution for Utah Businesses.
  • Testimony of William Oemichen, President and CEO, Cooperative Network (September 21, 2010).
  • Powerpoint presentation, WI State Employee Health Insurance Program, submitted by Dave Stella, Secretary, Lisa Ellinger,  Division of Insurance Services, and Bill Kox, Director of Health Benefits & Insurance Plans, Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds (September 21, 2010).
  • Presentation, Wisconsin Health Insurance Exchange Authority, prepared by Public Members David Riemer, Joe Leean, and Robert Kraig.
August 19, 2010 Meeting
  • Document, FOCUS on Health Reform, “Health Reform Implementation Timeline,” Kaiser Family Foundation (June 15, 2010).
  • Document, State Legislators’ Check List for Health Reform Implementation FY 2010, by Rachel Morgan R.N., BSN, Senior Health Policy Specialist, National Conference of State Legislatures (July 15, 2010).
  • Document, State Implementation of National Health Reform:  Harnessing Federal Resources to Meet State Policy Goals, by Stan Dorn, prepared for State Coverage Initiatives by the Urban Institute (July 2010).
  • PowerPoint presentation, Implementing Health Care Reform in Wisconsin, by Karen Timberlake, Wisconsin Department of Health Services, and Sean Dilweg, Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.
  • PowerPoint presentation, Coordinating State Roles for Effective Implementation of Federal Health Care Reform, submitted by Alan Weil, Executive Director, National Academy for State Health Policy (August 29, 2010).
  • PowerPoint presentation, HIRSP Authority, HIRSP and Health Care Reform, submitted by Amie Goldman (August 19, 2010).
  • Testimony from Bob Connolly, small business owner and Co-Chair of the Health Care Committee on Common Ground (August 19, 2010).
  • Health Care Reform Implementation Timeline, National Association of Insurance Commissioners, submitted by Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.