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Joint Legislative Council

The Council's primary responsibility is to establish study committees to examine major issues and problems identified by the Legislature. The study committees appointed by the Council are made up of Legislators and citizens who are interested in or knowledgeable about the study topic.  By using citizens on these committees, the Legislature benefits from the knowledge and expertise of Wisconsin's citizens.  Citizens serving on Council study committees not only help in developing public policy, but also learn more about how their state government works.  Study committees do most of their work when the Legislature is in recess.  The Council reviews the legislation recommended by the study committees and, if a majority of Council members (12) vote for introduction, the legislation is sponsored by the Joint Legislative Council.

Current Membership
Senator Luther Olsen, Co-Chair Representative Tyler August
Senator Alberta Darling Representative Joan Ballweg, Co-Chair
Senator Paul Farrow Representative Peter Barca
Senator Scott Fitzgerald Representative Terese Berceau
Senator Chris Larson Representative Amy Loudenbeck
Vacant (President Pro Tempore) Representative Cory Mason
Senator Mark Miller Representative John Nygren
Senator Jerry Petrowski Representative Sandy Pasch
Senator Fred A. Risser Representative Jessie Rodriguez
Senator Jennifer Shilling Representative Pat Strachota
Senator Dale Schultz Representative Robin Vos
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January 18, 2006 Meeting
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June 3, 2003 Meeting
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2001-02 Meetings

April 24, 2002 Meeting
March 6, 2002 Meeting
February 13, 2002 Meeting
  • Presentation, by Dr. Harold Hodgkinson, Center for Demographic Policy, Institute for Education Leadership, to the Downtown Madison Rotary
January 30, 2002 Meeting
October 31, 2001 Meeting
  • Presentation and Summary by Dr. Sung Won Sohn, Executive Vice President and Chief Economic Officer, Wells Fargo Banks
June 27, 2001 Meeting
May 15, 2001 Meeting
March 14, 2001 Meeting