2017-19 Assembly Democrat Budget Amendments


Amendment 1:  Delete Prevailing Wage changes


Amendment 2 State Procurement Reform to provide bidding preference for companies that:

  • have a preference for WI resident workers
  • provide health insurance to workers at a premium coverage rate of 75% or more
  • drug test employees
  • participate in a state or federally recognized apprenticeship program
  • Participate in Green Tier


Amendment 3

  • Dark Stores/Prevent commercial retailers from shifting property tax burden to homeowners (AB 386)
  • Domestic Partnership - Restore State Benefits [Budget Paper 270; Alt 7]
  • Domestic Partnership - Allow for opposite sex Domestic Partner Registry rather than repeal of Chapter 770 (Budget Motion 378)
  • Reinstate Equal Pay protections/Equal Pay enforcement (2017 AB 212)
  • Prohibit DWD from requiring only electronic filing for Unemployment Insurance claims
  • Require Legislative Audit Bureau to Audit STAR IT program


Amendment 4:  Targeted middle class tax relief

  • Create progressive scale for income tax personal exemptions by increasing personal exemption amounts with phase downs depending upon income (Budget Paper 285; Alt 3)
  • Restore Earned Income Tax Credit cuts (2015 AB 84)
  • Delete Alternative Minimum Tax repeal


Amendment 5:  K-12 Agenda

  • All of Democratic JFC K-12 Motion #404 (Fair Funding Formula, etc.)
  • Maintain $1.4 million funding for Milwaukee summer school grants (Budget Paper #505)
  • Delete GOP special needs voucher changes (Motion 417)
  • Voucher Property Tax Accountability (2017 AB 267)
  • Full Day 4-K Kindergarten (2015 AB 883)
  • Grants to implement Community Schools (2017 SB 282)
  • Delete increase in voucher school income eligibility level
  • Delete alternative teacher preparation program provision (Item #45 from Budget Motion #409)
  • Delete score change on civics exam


Amendment 6: 

  • Maintain current law on revenue limit adjustment for school energy efficiency projects
  • Delete change to point source (water pollution) definition (Item #14 from Budget Motion #398 (DATCP/DNR))
  • Delete riprap permit exemption (Item #16 from Budget Motion #398 (DATCP/DNR)]
  • JFC DEM DATCP/DNR Omnibus Motion [Budget Motion #390]
  • Lead Line Replacement/Allow water utilities to offer financial support to replace lead service lines to homes [2017 AB 78]
  • Restore funding cuts to state parks and DNR oversight of high capacity wells (Budget Motion #467)
  • Prohibit Municipal Water Privatization (2017 AB 256)
  • Restore DNR Science Positions (2017 AB 347)
  • Retain Publication of DNR Magazine (2017 AB 346/Budget Paper #461)
  • Eliminate changes made to Shoreland Zoning in 2015-2017 State Budget (2015 SB 307)
  • Delete prohibition of local ordinance conflicting with statutory provisions (Item #44 in Budget Motion #413 (Transportation Omnibus))
  • Restore rental unit energy efficiency/weatherization program (Budget Paper #556)
  • 2% Shared Revenue increase for law enforcement/EMS (Budget Motion #189)
  • Funding Farm to School Grants (2015 AB 89)
  • Increase local road aids by $100 million
  • Allow Statewide Regional Transit Authorities
  • Create an anonymous hotline for Veterans Home employees, residents, and their families to report abuse and neglect at Veterans Homes
  • Provide $2 million annually from Veterans Home revenue to provide raises for Veterans Home employees. Specify that in the new compensation plan, certified nursing assistants must receive at least a $1/hour raise.
  • Develop an improved pay progression plan for high vacancy positions at Veterans Homes to address recruitment and retention challenges.
  • Require that the water at Wisconsin Veterans Homes be tested monthly and require the public posting of the water quality test results.
  • Provide an additional 33.75 GPR positions to Lincoln Hills to improve total staff ratio as directed by the Federal Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). Fund the positions with $1,964,500 GPR in 2017-18 and $2,287,400 GPR in 2018-19 (Budget Motion #362).
  • Delete condemnation authority for pedestrian and recreation trails (Item #17 in Budget Motion #413 (Transportation Omnibus)).


Amendment 7: 

  • Provide $100 million in expanded broadband funding ($89 million over the existing $11 million)
  • Fund Treatment Alternative Diversions and county drug court grant programs
  • Request technical assistance from the Council of State Government Justice Center to examine criminal justice system issues (Budget Motion #369)
  • JFC Dem UW Motions (includes Higher Ed, Lower Debt; Free two year tuition; maintain funded tuition freeze, etc.) (Budget Motions #229 and #234)
  • Provide an additional $82.5 million to UW to fund past freezes
  • Expand Wisconsin Grant program to address waitlists; also address WTCS waitlists (Budget Paper #380; Alternatives A4, B1, C2, D1, E3)
  • Delete Tommy Thompson Center
  • Delete provision requiring UW faculty reporting (previously removed as a non-fiscal policy item) (Item #19 on Budget Motion #421; Budget Wrap-Up)
  • Provide funding for the Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin program ($151,000)
  • Require WEDC to target new funds to small businesses, start-ups, businesses located in rural areas, and minority, veteran, or women-owned business
  • Remove $5 million cap on Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit projects
  • Refundable Angel Tax Credit (2017 AB 39)
  • Entrepreneurial Assistance Grants (2017 AB 40)
  • Workforce Growth Worker Training (2017 AB 41)
  • Buy Wisconsin - Ensure at least 20% of amount spent on state contracts go to Wisconsin-based businesses (2017 AB 45)
  • Small Business Credit NOW (2017 AB 166)
  • Made in America (2017 AB 297)
  • Increase skills enhancement funding (2015 SB 737)
  • Increase funding for federal employment opportunity demonstration project funds and funds from other federal and private foundation sources for job creation and development for individuals with low incomes. (2015 SB 738)
  • Paid Family Medical Leave Act (2017 AB 286)
  • Child Care Affordability Tax Credit (2017 AB 43)


Amendment 8:  Making Health Care More Accessible and Affordable

  • Accept Medicaid Expansion and increase provider reimbursement rates (Budget Motion #252)
  • Create Wisconsin state (2015 AB 155)
  • OCI Insurance Rate Review (2015 AB 359)
  • Codify ACA Essential Benefits Protections in State law (2017 AB 362)
  • Codify ACA Pre-existing Conditions Protections in State law (2017 AB 363)
  • Codify ACA Prohibition on Cost Sharing for Preventative Services in State law (2017 AB 364)
  • Codify ACA Prohibition on Lifetime/Annual Health Insurance Limits in State law (2017 AB 365)
  • Maintaining Access to family planning providers in the MA Program (2017 AB 392)
  • MA nonemergency medical transportation contract opt-out for certain counties (2015 AB 869)
  • Direct the state to seek a four-year extension of SeniorCare
  • Increase MA reimbursement for nursing homes by 5% in each year of the biennium, and for personal care services by 15% in each year of the biennium (Items #2 and #5 from Budget Motion #251)
  • Add an additional $400,000 to the appropriation for emergency medical services to bring funding to $2.2 million.
  • Modify the provision related to audits of family planning providers to prohibit additional audits of providers currently being audited or who have been audited in 2014 or later.