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For Further Information Contact:                                           August 10, 2011
Rep. Robin Vos
(608) 266-9171
Rep. Vos leads an effort to put an end to unnecessary recall elections in Wisconsin.
MADISON...Representative Robin Vos (R-Rochester) is currently drafting a constitutional amendment that would clarify the reasons for recall elections in our state.
“No longer should taxpayer dollars be wasted on unnecessary recall elections that were triggered by a vote that some special interest group didn’t like.” said Rep. Vos.  “It undermines our democracy and wastes precious taxpayer dollars that are needed elsewhere.”
The Government Accountability Board spent $88,300 to facilitate the recent recall elections.  That doesn’t include the amount of taxpayer dollars spent at the local level.
“I have asked the G.A.B. to give me an estimate of the price tag of these recalls on the local municipalities,” said Rep. Vos, the co-chair of the Joint Finance Committee.  “At a time when local governments need to make every dollar stretch, we can’t keep asking them to process recall elections.  It simply isn’t fair to them or to the taxpayer.”
The State of Wisconsin is one of only 19 states in our country that allow legislative recalls.  For local governmental agencies, Wisconsin law requires that a recall petition must contain a statement of reason that is related to the official responsibilities of the person being recalled [s.9.10(2) (b),Stats.].  However, for state officials, no reason must be given.  The new legislation would make the law uniform at the state and local levels.
Rep. Vos will introduce the constitutional amendment during the fall legislative session and intends it to be the first bi-partisan piece of legislation passed this fall.