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Statement from Rep. Christine Sinicki on Republicans’ Illegal Tactics to Pass Budget Repair Bill:
MADISON – Rep. Christine Sinicki issued the following statement regarding the Assembly’s passage of the Budget Repair Bill:
“I have never seen anything so despicable in all of my time in government. In their desperate rush to strip workers of their rights and take health care away from Wisconsin’s poorest citizens, the Republicans in the Assembly violated more than one hundred years worth of Assembly rules and precedents.
“I was sitting at my desk on the floor when the vote was called, but the Republican leadership shut down voting so quickly, I did not have time to reach over to push the button on the desk in front of me and register my opposition. They turned the Assembly floor—a hallowed chamber of democracy—into a TV game show, where you have to “buzz in” as fast as possible, in order for your constituents’ voices to be heard. These shameful, underhanded tactics silenced the voices of the people of Cudahy, St. Francis, and Milwaukee’s south side, and I am outraged.”
“Walker’s bill to make it legal to bully our public workers has been the greatest gift anyone could give Democrats and the labor community. Republicans assumed too quickly the Labor Movement was dead. They have truly awakened a sleeping giant and energized its members, moving them from discouragement to determination in less than a week. Thank you Gov. Walker and Republican legislators!  You have given us the will to keep fighting, and the solidarity that gives us the energy to do it.