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Outlines Wisconsin Pro-Business Agenda
Madison – Today, Wisconsin State Representative Erik Severson (R-Osceola) sent an open letter to Minnesota businesses encouraging them to relocate to Wisconsin in response to Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton’s proposal to dramatically increase taxes.
“I believe it is important to outline the options for businesses in Minnesota by letting them know that here in Wisconsin we value job creators,” said Severson. “Governor Dayton’s budget proposal, especially his tax on business-to-business transactions, will put a stress on businesses and reveal that Wisconsin is a better place to do business.”
In his letter, Representative Severson outlined the different approaches being taken by Minnesota and Wisconsin in order to close their budget deficits. Governor Dayton’s proposal calls for a $2.1 billion sales tax increase in order to eliminate a $1.1 billion deficit. By contrast, Wisconsin turned a $3.6 billion deficit into a $484 million surplus in just two years without raising taxes.
“We are moving Wisconsin forward by promoting job growth through lower taxes on families and small businesses,” said Severson.  “I would encourage all business owners, small and large, to take a close look at Governor Dayton’s proposal and decide if the cost of doing business in Minnesota is too high. If that’s the case, I am ready and willing to help businesses make the move across the river into Wisconsin.”
Representative Severson’s letter provides business owners with the Wisconsin Jobs Hotline number, 1-855-854-5627, as well as his personal office number, 1-608-267-2365, for those who are interested in relocating.