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Update – Jan 27, 2012
28th Assembly District E-Update
Assembly Passes Mining Bill
            Last night by a vote of 59-36, the State Assembly passed AB 426 commonly referred to as the mining bill. I am proud to have supported the passage of this bill, which will create a reasonable permitting process and timeline that doesn’t compromise environmental integrity. More importantly, this bill gets government out of the way so that the private sector can create jobs.  
            Construction of the proposed mine in Iron County, an area of the state desperately in need of jobs, would create over 3,000 constructions jobs and have a $2 billion short-term economic impact on Wisconsin’s economy. That economic impact extends from the direct area where the mine is proposed to be built all the way down to Milwaukee, home of Caterpillar, one of the biggest manufacturers of mining equipment in the country.
            It is also estimated that the mine itself would directly create between 2,800 and 5,600 long-term mining jobs and have a $600 million to $1.2 billion dollar annual impact on the economy. Most importantly to the people of Iron County, the average pay and benefits package for these workers would be approximately $82,000 a year. These are family-supporting jobs that the private sector, not government, will now have the opportunity to create.
            A recent study by the Frasier Institute surveyed 494 executives at exploration, development, and mining consulting companies and asked them to rate US States and various Countries by order of their policies towards mining. The study ranked Wisconsin 72nd out of 79 states and countries as places where they would want to do business. By making these changes, Wisconsin will be Open for Business.
            To see my floor speech in support of AB 426, please click the following link.
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