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February 27, 2013
Rep. Schraa: Building a bomb, owning an assault weapon the same crime under Democrat bill
(Madison, WI) – Owning a weapon with certain cosmetic features will be a heinous crime in the same classification as building a bomb under a Democrat-sponsored bill announced two weeks ago.  The bill would make owning a “high capacity” magazine or an “assault weapon” a Class H felony, punishable by a $10,000 fine, six years in prison, or both.
“Do these legislators really feel that building a bomb is the same as owning and responsibly using a  magazine that holds eleven rounds?” asked State Rep. Michael Schraa (R – Town of Algoma) incredulously.  “I’m appalled that this horribly misguided bill makes criminals out of responsible gun owners.”
Other Class H felonies include selling human organs, strangulation, child abuse, and arson.
“For simply having a routine gun magazine or a gun with certain aesthetic features like a pistol grip, Democrats want to put law-abiding gun owners in the same class as an arsonist,” said Schraa. 
Class I felonies are generally considered lesser felonies than Class H, but the crimes still include aggravated battery, elder abuse, stalking, or threatening to release a biological or radioactive substance (please see attached list for more Class I and Class H felonies).
“If these lawmakers get their way, someone who threatens the release of anthrax will be guilty of the same crime as someone who owns a rifle with a pistol grip,” said Schraa. 
“Responsible gun owners across Wisconsin deserve an apology,” concluded Schraa, who added, “I want to make it clear to the hunters, sports-men and -women, and other 2nd amendment enthusiasts: I will fiercely defend your rights and oppose these outrageous ideas.”
Rep. Schraa serves the 53rd Assembly District, which is comprised of 17 villages and towns and three cities.  The northern area covers the Town of Oshkosh and several wards in the City of Oshkosh, west from the Town of Algoma to Omro and south covering the City of Waupun and the Village of North Fond du Lac.
UPDATE 2/28/2013: The bill referenced above has not yet been formally introduced.  It was proposed by Reps. Mandela Barnes, Evan Goyke, Fred Kessler, and Sen. Nikiya Harris.