Rep. Kleefisch Receives Prestigious Award
Highlights Right to Try Bill for those Dying of a Terminal Illness

Representative Joel Kleefisch received the prestigious ‘Award for Conservative Excellence.’  This recognition from the national American Conservative Union Foundation highlights Rep. Kleefisch’s outstanding success in conservative achievements in Wisconsin. 

“Many of the bills that the folks at the American Conservative Union Foundation were watching were legislative items that I had the honor of authoring and shepherding through the Legislature,” said Rep. Kleefisch.  “Notably, my bill ‘Allowing Terminally Ill Patients the Right to Try Certain Drugs,’ Assembly Bill 69, was one of those bills.  Assembly Bill 69 allows terminally ill patients access to investigational drugs and treatment options that are in the process of obtaining FDA approval but are not yet available on pharmacy shelves. This bill, that Rep. Snyder and I shepherded through the Legislature, is important because those facing terminal illnesses are short on time.  This ‘Right to Try’ bill has already saved 78 lives in Texas, and we are hoping it does the same here in Wisconsin.

“While I am extremely proud of my conservative values and this award reflects those integral principles, I am just as equally pleased with my work with both sides of the aisle,” stated Rep. Kleefisch. “In fact, Assembly Bill 69, our bill allowing terminally ill patients the right to try certain drugs, reflects that.  I championed this bill with Republicans and Democrats alike, and finally, after years of effort, the bill was signed into law this spring.  It just goes to show that, whether you are a conservative or a liberal, there are always areas in which we all agree, especially when it comes to those who are terminally ill and deserve every fighting chance they can get.”