Representative John Nygren shares the emotional story of his daughter's struggle with heroin.

We love it when Rep. Petryk sings for us here in Madison, but it's even better watching him volunteer his voice for a good cause.

A memorial park to Wisconsin Firefighters depends solely on donations to operate, but when they were left off the tax donation form, Rep. Krug stepped in to help. 

Legislators tour Cardinal Manufacturing, a fully operational manufacturing company within a high school in Eleva!

The Assembly wrapped up its 2015-2016 biennial session with lots of accomplishments. Take a look!

If you snowmobile, you know how hard it can be to find a good spot to fill up. See how Rep. Czaja is working to fix that.

Do you know how Door County got its name? Rep. Joel Kitchens does, and he explains it in this video featuring the county's lighthouses!

Visitors from 98 different countries are flocking to Montello, Wisconsin. Why? A unique business model that can be replicated anywhere. 

Rep. Loudenbeck is working tirelessly to stop the sale of our citizens.

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