Rep. Rohrkaste's bill requires women be notified if they have dense breast tissue, which can often hide tumors from standard screenings.

Kids who age out of the foster care system often need help getting a college education. Rep. Novak's bill provides some assistance.

Every minute counts in an emergency. A bill from Rep. Pronschinske ensures 911 operators receive CPR training.

Hi-tech manufacturer Foxconn is coming to Wisconsin with a $10 billion investment that will create 13,000 jobs.

The women of the Assembly GOP reflect on their careers and offer advice in recognition of International Women's Day.

What are FabLabs and how do they benefit students and employers? Rep. Felzkowski explains!

Wisconsin is a leader in reforming the welfare system. We’re helping move more people off government assistance and into jobs.

Rep. Jesse Rodriguez hosts a round table discussion on technical education with local businesses at Milwaukee Area Technical College.

Attracting new physicians to rural areas is critically important. Rep. Snyder talks about his effort to get more funding for physician residency programs. 

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