August 23, 2013

National Debt Clock

A website that never ceases to amaze me is As we approach the $17 trillion debt level, I want to emphasize how dangerous this is for our nation. An old proverb tells us that the borrower is slave to the lender, and as we continue to spend and build debt, think about who we are getting our money from. The answer is the printing press and China.

The printing press puts us as a slave to inflation because the value of every dollar slowly goes down as more dollars enter the market. China will continue to hold more and more influence on the US as their debt holding increases. We already see the effects of this in the unfair trade practices that exist between the two countries.

When the amount of interest you pay on your debt exceeds your total tax revenue (yes it does-check it out!), common sense tells us that all other programs are at risk. So why is Washington doing nothing about it? It is because we let them. Until we elect true leaders, no matter what party, this problem will continue to fester, and there is a bottom to every hole. Let’s hope we find true leaders before we find the bottom.

The Virtues of States' Rights

 A recent opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal discusses how both Republicans and Democrats are becoming increasingly aware of the virtues of states’ rights. As the federal government gets bigger and bigger, people on both sides of the aisle are beginning to understand how the states can push back against federal overreach. I’m pleased to see that a consensus is building between the parties. It goes to show that the federal government’s abuse of power is a bipartisan issue. The Wall Street Journal piece ends by saying, “Full disclosure: I'm a conservative. But I rejoice in the opportunity to make common cause with many liberals in pushing back against federal overreach.” I couldn’t agree more.

Representative Scott Suder

This week, Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder announced he is leaving the legislature to work in the Governor’s office. Representative Suder has been a great public servant throughout all his years in the legislature, and I’ve been honored to work with him. He’ll be a valuable addition to the Governor’s office and I wish him all the best.

Interesting Historical Facts from The Patriot's Almanac for August 23

1775 King George III proclaims the American colonies to be in a state of rebellion.
1784 Part of North Carolina declares itself the State of Franklin, which is denied admission to the Union (the area is now part of eastern Tennessee).
1859 The six-story Fifth Avenue Hotel in New York City becomes the first American hotel with an elevator.
1889 A lightship off San Francisco sends the first ship-to-shore wireless message received in the United States, signaling the arrival of an Army troopship.
1966 Lunar Orbiter 1 takes the first photo of Earth from the moon.


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