Assembly Republican Forward Agenda 2016


Every Wisconsin resident deserves to have the opportunity for a great education, a family-supporting job and a safe neighborhood. The American Dream should be within everyone’s reach in Wisconsin and government should not put barriers in the way to personal success.  By focusing on these priorities, Wisconsin Assembly Republicans will continue to move our state forward. We will look to address the major concerns in our state.  We want long-term solutions, not quick fixes to the problems that face Wisconsin families.


The Forward Agenda is a broad outline of goals for the 2017-18 legislative session and beyond. Our goals are rooted in our continued belief that less government is good government, one that fosters an environment for job growth.  This agenda has three sections:  improving the economy, expanding opportunities, and building strong families and safe communities.


This agenda builds on a conservative foundation that has helped the state recover from the recession. Republicans have balanced the state budget, cut taxes and made Wisconsin open for business.  With historically low unemployment rates, continued job growth and a vibrant economy, Wisconsin’s future continues to look bright under Republican leadership.


The first Assembly Republican Forward Agenda in 2014 contained roughly 50 proposals; a vast majority of them were accomplished. From increasing our investment in K-12 schools to assisting rural schools with their challenges, the Assembly majority members delivered on their promises.  We expanded training grants, invested 60 percent of all new revenue on medical care for the poor and continued the fight against opioid abuse.  Republicans reduced fraud in government programs to allow for benefits to be received by those who truly need them.

Improving the Economy-Job Growth and Government Reform

Assembly Republicans are focused on making Wisconsin a more attractive place to do business. While government doesn’t create jobs, it can create the climate and infrastructure necessary for businesses to prosper.  Assembly Republicans will continue their commitment to improving our tax and regulatory climate, while guaranteeing our transportation infrastructure meets the needs of Wisconsin businesses and families.  

Expanding Opportunities - Education and Workforce Development

A quality education is essential to help grow a stronger economy and make the American Dream a reality for more Wisconsinites. Whether it is our public schools, private schools, charter schools or virtual schools, the path forward in life begins in the classroom. We are proud of the excellent educational experiences in Wisconsin and we are committed to investing in our schools. We have frozen tuition for UW System schools for four years and granted the UW System flexibilities to help them better function and succeed. We have also increased investments to our K-12 schools, even though federal aid has decreased, through per pupil support, categorical aids, and investing in measures to reduce property taxes. Assembly Republicans will continue to support responsible legislation to improve outcomes and provide pathways to higher education and the workforce.

Building Strong Families, Safe Communities - Health and Public Safety

We all should be proud of our great state. Every level of our schools, elementary through high school, community colleges and university systems, is ranked among the best in the country.  Wisconsin is considered to be one of the best states for healthcare.  We have the top cities to live and raise a family.  The health, safety, and quality of life our citizens enjoy is what draws families to our state and, more importantly, it’s what keeps them here. Assembly Republicans will work to retain the quality of life for our citizens by ensuring access to potentially lifesaving options for our most vulnerable populations, building safer communities, giving families more paths to security and independence, and protecting the state’s great natural resources. Assembly Republicans understand the ability of our citizens to lead healthy, safe, and ultimately successful lives is key to the overall success of our state as a whole.