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State Representative Jeff Mursau (R-Crivitz) issued the following statement Wednesday regarding a decision by the Wisconsin State Supreme Court ruling on Act 10, a bill enacted by the Wisconsin State Legislature making changes to fringe benefits and collective bargaining rules for government employee unions in Wisconsin:
“I’m pleased to see the Supreme Court reaffirmed the separation of powers for the State Legislature to enact laws following legislative rules,” Mursau said. “I am also pleased the court ruled in a timely fashion to coincide with the enactment of the State budget before the fiscal new year on July 1st.”
Mursau made a statement on March 21st predicting the outcome of the lawsuit and the eventual temporary restraining order by Dane County Circuit Court Judge Sumi:
“The Wisconsin State Constitution created a separation of powers, just like the US constitution. The legislature is subject to its rules of procedure, not statutes. The framers of our constitution designed it to prevent either of the other two branches of government from infringing on the separation and autonomy of the legislature.”
“The Dane County Circuit Court judge issued a temporary restraining order until further information could be gathered. In the end, the courts will realize and rule that the Dane County Circuit Court judge erred by issuing a temporary restraining order and it will be backed up by solid and well known Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions.”