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Job News
As job creation continues to be on the top of our list of priorities in the legislature, Governor Walker is bringing business leaders together to work on ways to improve our sluggish economy.  Thursday, the governor held its first of several job creation forums in La Crosse. The governor's office says the forums are focusing on issues like access to capital, regulatory reform, permit reform, tax reform and workforce development.
Criminal Margarine?
 There's an antiquated law that prohibits Wisconsin restaurants from serving margarine in place of butter.  It's a quirky law and is now on the way to being repealed.  A colleague of mine, Rep. Dale Kooyenga and I introduced legislation that gets rid of the mandate that requires prisons and schools to serve butter or face criminal charges.
Local Jobs Numbers Improve
Despite sagging jobs numbers nationwide, 68 of 72 Wisconsin counties actually had lower jobless rates in August than they did in July.
Some of our state’s biggest areas, including Eau Claire, Green Bay and Milwaukee, gained 1,000 or more jobs from July to August.
Though we must keep working to improve our economy overall and fight through the disastrous policies emanating from Washington, there is no doubt that we are on the right track.
As we continue to promote our pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda, we will get to the point where everybody who wants to find work can and all 72 of our counties show improvement.
Study Finds Over $162 Million In Act 10 Savings
Faced with a crippling deficit because of unfunded pension liabilities and years of budget mismanagement, the Assembly GOP and I led the charge earlier this session on long-overdue pension and benefit reforms.
The result?
Over $162 million in savings to date.
74 districts statewide have achieved a projected savings of $162,314,259 because of Act 10. The 74 districts studied have 319,569 students, meaning schools have saved on average almost $508 per-student. That money can go directly towards better educating the next generation of Wisconsin workers.
For more information, you can view the information here.
Jobs Coming From Mexico To Wisconsin
Unlike states nationwide, Wisconsin is about to gain jobs from Mexico rather than losing them to our neighbors from the south.
Global Finishing Solutions is nearing completion on a $10 million project that is expected to create over 100 jobs in our state over the next three years.
Governor Walker announced earlier this week that Global Finishing Solutions is eligible for up to $600,000 in economic development tax credits as part of the project.
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Natural Resources Committee Update
The Assembly Committee on Natural Resources will hold an executive session to vote on a change to how businesses can display phosphorous lawn fertilizer without encouraging the misuse of the phosphorous leading to water pollution. The executive session vote will be held on Wednesday September 28th.