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Fiscal responsibility, keeping our promises and slowing the unchecked growth of government are not things Republicans should have to apologize for.  We’re keeping the promises we made to Wisconsin:
·         Focusing on jobs and improving the economy;
·         Balancing the state budget without raising taxes;
·         Turning a $3 billion deficit into a surplus;
·         Real limits on property taxes, including the first permanent property tax cap in Wisconsin history;
·         Rooting out fraud, waste and abuse in state government;
·         Fulfilling our constitutional requirement for redistricting.
My office received numerous constituent e-mails asking for the creation of  Caylee's Law- a law that would make it a felony for a parent, legal guardian, or caretaker who don't notify law enforcement agencies of the disappearance of a child.  This is in direct response to the tragic death of Caylee Anthony and the non-guilty verdict in the case against her mother. 
Republican legislators are actively pursuing legislation that would impose penalties on those who do not report the disappearance or death of a child.  My legislative colleagues are working with local district attorneys to fine tune the bill because with any piece of legislation, the devil is in the details. 
While it is critical that we keep our children out of harm's way, we also need to make sure that parents aren't being charged with felonies because their youngsters ran to the neighbor’s house to play without saying goodbye.
What kind of safeguards should be put in place, and what kind of penalties should be handed out to parents and guardians who are truly negligent?  That’s the difficult balance we’ll need to address.
Governor Walker announced last week that Wisconsin had made good on the nearly $60 million in debt that was left for Republicans by former Democrat Governor Jim Doyle as a result of our former tax reciprocity deal with Minnesota.
The deal, which had been in place since 1968, ended in 2009 at the hands of former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.
Governor Walker is currently in negotiations with Minnesota Governor Tim Dayton on a new deal.
An agreement would mean that individuals who operate in both Wisconsin and Minnesota would not have to file tax returns in two states.
Tuesday July 19th – Senate in session.  The body will take up a number of the governor’s appointments to several boards and commissions.  The Senate will also debate the following bills:
Senate Bill 147. Relating to: payment of extended unemployment insurance benefits during certain periods in this state.
Senate Bill 148. Relating to: legislative redistricting.  By Committee on Senate Organization.
Senate Bill 149. Relating to: congressional redistricting. 
Senate Bill 150. Relating to: division of municipalities into wards and redistricting of supervisory and aldermanic districts and appointing a panel to hear challenges to the apportionment of a congressional or legislative district, and hearing certain appeals
Wednesday July 20, 2011 – Assembly in session.  The assembly will meet to debate the following bills: Assembly Bill 87, Assembly Bill 105, Assembly Bill 197, Senate Bill 55, Senate Bill 144, Senate Bill 147, Senate Bill 148, Senate Bill 149 and Senate Bill 150.
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