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For Immediate Release                           Media Contacts: Alan Hefter, 262-388-0297
May 22, 2012


Fire Fighters Name Rep. Mason Legislator of the Year


The Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin (PFFW) today announced that it has named Racine State Rep. Cory Mason as their 2012 Legislator of the Year.

"During his six years in the State Assembly, fire fighters and our families have had no better friend and supporter than Rep. Mason," said Mahlon Mitchell, State President of the PFFW. "And he has not just stood up for fire fighters, but he has been a tremendous fighter for all working people."

The PFFW has been most impressed with Rep. Mason's long-standing commitment to the state's Shared Revenue Program. "This vital program has been the lifeblood of communities like Racine and Rep. Mason fought to maintain Shared Revenue funding and shield it from Governor Walker's budget ax," the PFFW President stated. "These funds are especially needed in cities like Racine to help make sure the city can provide important vital services like fire and police."

The firefighter's union also recognized Rep. Mason for the major role he played in the 2011 debate on the bill that took collective bargaining rights away from most public employees. "During the 62 hours of marathon debating, Rep. Mason never wavered from exhaustion but led the debate on many of the 160 separate amendments designed to protect workers. Though Rep. Mason and Assembly Democrats had little chance of defeating the Walker Bill that did not deter Mason in his efforts," Mitchell said.

Rep. Mason is the ranking Assembly Democratic member on the powerful Joint Committee on Finance where he also effectively led the fight to protect working families.
"We commend him for his commitment in fighting for the rights of all workers and for that reason the PFFW is proud to name Rep. Cory Mason as the 2012 PFFW Legislator of the Year."
(The PFFW represents over 3,200 fire fighters and EMT/paramedics in 57 communities across Wisconsin including those in every Milwaukee County community except the City of Milwaukee and West Milwaukee.)