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Wisconsin-Minnesota Tuition Reciprocity Agreement Reached
The Minnesota-Wisconsin Interstate Tuition Reciprocity Program is an agreement between Wisconsin and Minnesota. It allows Wisconsin residents to attend state universities, colleges and technical colleges in Minnesota at in-state rates as specified in the agreement. Minnesota residents have the same opportunities for attending Wisconsin schools. Over 10,000 Wisconsin residents take advantage of this program each year.
 In prior years, Wisconsin residents attending Minnesota schools paid in-state Wisconsin tuition at Minnesota institutions. Because Minnesota institutions had a tendency to have higher tuition, the state of Wisconsin picked up the difference in cost. Those students from Minnesota actually paid higher tuition than Wisconsin residents attending Minnesota schools. The reciprocity agreement that had been established was terminated by Minnesota due to Wisconsin’s inability to pay its obligation. In the last month, Wisconsin paid the obligation to Minnesota. This opened negotiations for a new agreement.
On Monday, Minnesota signed the memorandum for the 2011-2012 Minnesota-Wisconsin Interstate Tuition Reciprocity Program. Under the new agreement, Wisconsin residents attending Minnesota schools would pay Minnesota in-state tuition. This program will continue to serve Wisconsin residents attending Minnesota schools.
 Participation in this program is not automatic. While all Wisconsin residents are eligible, there is an application form that must be completed and processed by HEAB. The application for the 2011-2012 academic year is available on HEAB’s website: Interested residents should contact their high school, the Minnesota college they are considering, or HEAB to obtain additional information. 
HEAB’s website address is  HEAB can be reached by phone at (608) 267-2206 and by e-mail at