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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                            Date:        May 10, 2012
STATE REPRESENTATIVE DALE KOOYENGA                       TOLL-FREE    1-888-534-0014
Rep. Kooyenga Appointed Vice-Chair
 Symposium to Study the State Income Tax
Madison – State Representative Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield) was appointed Vice-Chair to a Legislative Council Study Special Symposia Series on State Income Tax Reform. State Representative Robin Vos (R-Rochester) will chair this study group to open a dialogue on the merits of the state income tax and to explore possibilities for reform.
“I am excited to use my accounting and business background to listen to testimony and develop solutions to simplify and streamline Wisconsin’s income tax,” said Rep. Kooyenga.
“The state of Wisconsin’s tax structure is archaic and needlessly complex. Now that Gov. Walker and the legislature stopped the bleeding of red ink and eliminated Wisconsin’s structural deficit, it is time to move forward with significant tax relief and tax simplification in the next session.”
Facts about Wisconsin’s income tax:
•    In 1911 Wisconsin became the first state to create an income tax.
•    Rated one of the least favorable tax states for business in the country (43 out of 50).
•    Wisconsin’s tax code is one of the most progressive in the country:
o    Wisconsin’s top 2.5% of wage earners pay for over  25% of state income taxes*
o    Wisconsin’s  top 22% of wage earners pay for over 64% of state income taxes*
o    Wisconsin’s top 36% of wage earners pay for over 78% of state income taxes*
o    As a result of refundable tax credits, some Wisconsin residents pay a negative income tax, meaning they paid no taxes and then receive a tax “refund.”

•    There are 9 states with no income tax.
*Based on 2009 tax year as compiled by the WI Legislative Fiscal Bureau.