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“Unlike previous budgets in which Governor Doyle willfully failed to address the long-term
fiscal health of our state, Governor Walker has offered a serious solution to Wisconsin’s
mounting financial difficulties. The Governor’s plan is just the first step in ensuring that the
long-term stability of our state does not continue to be jeopardized by the reckless fiscal
mismanagement of the Democrats. Voters spoke loudly in November, and recognize that the
key to job-creating economic revitalization comes not from the government but rather in
limiting the growth of government.

“I am confident that this budget, along with the budget repair bill passed by the State
Assembly last Friday, will rightly be viewed by the public as painful but necessary antidotes
to stem further job loss and economic stagnation. It is now incumbent to work with my
colleagues in the Assembly to pass this budget, and it is equally necessary for the Senate
Democrats to return to Wisconsin immediately so that they can do the jobs that they were
elected to do and vote on both bills. Their intransigence in dealing with the reality of the
situation is threatening to have a dramatic and harmful impact in our fight to resurrect our
state’s economic foundations and improve our standard of living.

“My objective is to work every day to do what is necessary to build this long-term stability
and prosperity. This budget bill is an outstanding building block in that effort. Unlike the
easy pass-the-buck solutions of the previous Administration, Governor Walker’s budget
proposal maintains vital services while concurrently cutting spending, not imposing new
taxes or fees, not raiding segregated funds, and dramatically reducing our structural deficit by
90%. It is vital that we maintain our fortitude and make the tough decisions necessary to
ensure the long-term viability and stability of our state.”