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Demonstrators Rally to Save DACA “Ending DACA is cruel, heartless and wrong. … Since the president and his administration lack the integrity to keep their promises to our nation’s children, I call on Congress to defend DACA and protect our Dreamers. Speaker [Paul] Ryan and the GOP-controlled Congress must do the right thing, and pass a clean piece of legislation that protects these Dreamers,” said Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa.
Some Wisconsin Schools Might Be Experimenting With Instruction Hours "You’re coming with the right ideas of innovation and getting the best education for the kids, I’m concerned about the funding source. When we keep continuing to cut education, what are the boards going to do?" said Rep. Gary Hebl.
Local districts get review from Supreme Court “I’m acknowledging to myself that the kind of redistricting that we’re thinking of would probably make my district more competitive — I think most of them should be more competitive. I would like nonpartisan redistricting. It’s better for democracy,” said Rep. Dave Considine.
Wisconsin budget committee approves transportation package after months-long impasse "This is clearly an attempt to solve the budget impasse, not to address the structural funding issue," said Rep. Gordon Hintz.
Wisconsin budget panel approves road-funding plan "Do it. Figure it out. Show some real leadership," said Rep. Terease Berceau.
Continuing the debate about right-to-die issues in Appleton "It's about as restrictive as it could be. ... There are so many safeguards that it's almost impossible to use," Pope said.
Historic Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive is a Trip Down Main Street “You can put up a bunch of Dollar Tree’s around the City, but this corner had a purpose,” said Rep. David Bowen.
Ag, Rural School Groups Praise Decision To Continue Farm-To-School Program "Wisconsin schools purchase over $9 million directly from Wisconsin farmers. That’s a huge return on investment," said Rep. Katrina Shankland.
Joint Finance Vote Pushes Wisconsin DNR Restructuring Forward “We can’t wait until it’s too late on some of these things. And I feel like we keep getting examples where if we had maintained proactive management of our natural resources, we wouldn’t have these issues. We didn’t clean the air in this country until you could see it," said Rep. Gordon Hintz.
Beloit Lawmaker Says Illinois Residents Could Have More To Gain From Foxconn Deal "There’s a real risk that Wisconsin is going to be paying full price for jobs that are at least partially likely to go to Illinois residents,” said Rep. Mark Spreitzer.