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Wisconsin lawmakers form bipartisan millennial caucus "There are more areas where we agree and can work together than where we disagree,” said Rep. Amanda Stuck."
Wisconsin legislator grapples with 'wheelchair' identity "I do know that people in the community turn to me to be their voice because I've lived their life, I understand their experiences," said Rep. Jimmy Anderson.
Coalition calls for paid family medical leave law “I mean, what’s more important than to be able to step up for your loved ones whether they’re grandparents ... or whether it’s you’re immediate family,” said Rep Peter Barca.
Kolste: 44th Assembly District survey results were surprising "I was surprised that many of my constituents want voter ID cards but don't believe voter fraud is an issue. That seems like a contradiction," said Rep. Debra Kolste.
Rep. Shankland Reacts to Sen. Testin's SVP Bill "One is the committee on housing, there's just a word change. And then the other is the deadline for DHS (Department of Homeland Security) to respond to a counties request. Mine was as soon as practically possible. His was within 10 days," said Rep. Katrina Shankland.