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Billings, Doyle and Shilling Talked Wisconsin Budget in La Crosse "If someone stole $1,000 from me five years ago and today they're giving me back $250, should I be grateful for that?" Billings asked.
Democratic State Representatives Preview New Budget "Rep. Don Vruwink (D-Milton) wants to see money allocated fairly, especially for rural schools." "As we begin to debate...Democrats will be the ones fighting for the rural schools and working to ensure they receive the equitable funding in our state funding formula," said Vruwink. "They are the cornerstone of our towns."
Turn Back Secretive GOP Power Play "Wisconsin's leading purveyors of secret government-the Republican leadership in the state Assembly and Senate-pushed through a plan Thursday that gives high-priced lawyers carte blanche at taxpayers expense to fight a federal court ruling requiring the GOP to redraw legislative maps they secretly gerrymandered in 2011. Some people really have no shame."
WI DOT significantly underestimated highway project costs "Year after year, the Republican majority has paid lip service to our transportation needs while delaying major projects and placing millions on the state's credit card through bonding. The state cannot afford to continue down this path of uncertainty and fiscal irresponsibility," stated Rep. Gordon Hintz.
Top 13 percent of earners receiving two-thirds of private school tax benefit "Tax filers making more than $100,000 a year are claiming two-thirds of a private school tuition tax cut enacted four years ago."