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Wisconsin Assembly Passes $76B State Budget "I think it speaks to who your donors are and who you listen to. It's not your constituents. It's not working families. It's the rich," said Rep. Katrina Shankland.
Wisconsin Railroad Gate Provision Almost Gets Through Budget "It certainly seems fishy to me that this railroad crossing came in and out of the budget. It raises more questions than answers," said Rep. Lisa Subeck.
Speech bill may lead to student discipline “We in this body should all be concerned about protecting First Amendment rights. And absolutely both sides need to be heard, and without interruption … I’m concerned about the consequences of this, and what it’s going to produce,” said Rep. Don Vruwink.
Demonstrators Rally to Save DACA “Ending DACA is cruel, heartless and wrong. … Since the president and his administration lack the integrity to keep their promises to our nation’s children, I call on Congress to defend DACA and protect our Dreamers. Speaker [Paul] Ryan and the GOP-controlled Congress must do the right thing, and pass a clean piece of legislation that protects these Dreamers,” said Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa.
State Rep. Jimmy Anderson Grapples With Identity As 'Wheelchair Legislator' "I’m a legislator in a wheelchair, not a wheelchair legislator," said Rep. Jimmy Anderson.
Wisconsin judge strikes down Walker’s anti-union law “This decision will help re-establish the balance between employees and their employers,” said Rep. Peter Barca.
US Campuses Debate Limits of Free Speech “It amazes me that Wisconsin Republicans can support a bill aimed at protecting free speech by limiting free speech,” said state Rep. David Crowley, a Democrat from Milwaukee. The bill is “aimed at limiting exposure to different opinions and creating extreme, unwarranted and unnecessary punishments for exercising your right to protest.”
Suicide prevention bill would let people voluntarily prohibit themselves from owning a gun “I feel very strongly that we will be saving lives in the state of Wisconsin,” Sargent said. “If one life is saved because of this legislation, it would be a win.”
Sex offender placement law vetoed by Walker "It would allow (local officials) to make the best decision for their community," said Shankland. "In addition, it would require that any sexually violent person, an SVP, if they're approved to be released, to be placed back in their home county so that we wouldn't have this problem of counties sending their SVPs to Portage County."
Gov. Scott Walker signs $76B Wisconsin budget with money for schools, fees for hybrids "Our schools are struggling. They've been cut and cut and cut," Rep. Amanda Stuck said. "(The additional funding from Walker) is still not enough to make up for all the cuts that have been done."