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Dispute over $11 tax cut could derail Wisconsin budget talks "Republicans need to put aside their squabbling and do what's right for the people of Wisconsin," said Rep. Peter Barca. "When many schools in Wisconsin are having trouble keeping their doors open, they don’t have the luxury of waiting for the outcome of petty political battles."
Wisconsin's push to drug test Medicaid recipients draws praise, critics “Republicans have been on this trajectory of demonizing poor people,” said Rep. Lisa Subeck. “And that's all this does and it does it for a lot of money.”
State Dems decry Ryan, GOP efforts to repeal Obamacare “Congressman Ryan and Gov. (Scott) Walker are not listening to the people. We have seen attack after attack on access to health care for people — particularly for women right here in Wisconsin,” said Rep. Chris Taylor.
Wisconsin state budget stalled; Assembly, Senate may each write own versions "(Walker's) mismanagement of transportation already delayed the Verona Road project until 2020, causing significant economic harm to the area businesses he used as props this morning," said Rep. Terese Berceau.
Rep. Hesselbein: Jobs numbers are the elephant in Scott Walker’s office The numbers don't lie. Wages are down, growth is at less than 1 percent, and manufacturing jobs are leaving the state at an alarming rate. This is all happening as the governor continues to hand out hundreds of millions of your tax dollars to corporate CEOs and millionaires under the guise of spurring manufacturing — with no proof that his giveaways are creating new jobs.
Wisconsin Dems introduce bill to ban bias based on gender identity “In Wisconsin we have a rich history of leadership on issues of nondiscrimination and today we seek to continue that tradition by including critical legal protections for the transgender community in our state law.” said Rep. Mark Spreitzer.
Republican bill to penalize disruptive speech on campus moves forward “There is no problem that you’re trying to solve here, other than an agenda issue for your party,” said Rep. Terese Berceau.
Lawmakers target human trafficking "If we want to make sure people understand how important this issue is, it's important that our laws reflect that," said Rep. Amanda Stuck.
Democratic Weekly Radio Address: “Let Wisconsin Work” Rep. Chris Sinicki offered this week's Democratic Radio Address on the continued attacks on Wisconsin workers and businesses by the GOP.
GOP Lawmakers Still Underfund UW System "This puts the UW behind," said Rep. Katrina Shankland, D-Stevens Point. "And I’m disappointed." The Legislature’s nonpartisan budget office said that if the UW System were allowed to increase tuition to keep pace with inflation for the next two years, it would generate $50 million. The GOP budget would not backfill that lost funding.