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Democrats propose a ‘public option’ for BadgerCare “Under our plan, BadgerCare would be treated like any other health insurance plan available on the federal marketplace for individuals and small businesses. It would be more affordable and more comprehensive than most other plans and it would be able to hold down the cost of prescription drugs that continue to skyrocket,” said Rep. Eric Genrich.
Action on Alzheimer’s and dementia “If you think of Alzheimer’s as a roller coaster—if you get that diagnosis, you know what the end is going to be, but it’s how dramatic the ride is going to be. If you can get the medications in place early and those lifestyle changes, it can be the help you need to slow that progression,” said Rep. Dianne Hesselbein.
Charges filed in Delafield I-94 crash that killed Canadian good Samaritan "The hope is that the bill will improve the public's confidence in the criminal justice system and build accountability in elected officials," said Rep. Fred Kessler.
Medical Groups: Wisconsin Abortion Bill Would Jeopardize Doctor Training "As far as your assertion that residents can (find) training on their own time, you do understand how residencies work, correct?" said Rep. Debra Kolste. "They are under the auspices of certified faculty, and there’s a protocol for all the curriculum they’re going to have to cover ... They can’t just get it through some other source and say 'I did it, it’s good.' It’s defined curriculum under the auspices of defined faculty."
Proposed Bill Would Allow Gun Safety Course in Wisconsin High Schools "In 2014, suicide and homicide were the second-leading cause of death for kids aged 15 to 19. Making them more familiar and comfortable with guns doesn’t make much sense to me," said Rep Sondy Pope. "Do we really need to introduce more weapons to these kids?"
Bill would allow gun education curricula in Wisconsin high schools "I think we are all aware of the proliferation of death and injury because of the accessibility of guns in our society. I don’t see a reason to introduce guns to students in school. I think it's inappropriate," said Rep. Sondy Pope.
Democratic proposal would legalize, regulate marijuana in Wisconsin "This is a true economic stimulus package," said Rep. Melissa Sargent.
Wisconsin bill opposes Back Forty mine project “We are calling on the State of Michigan to oppose this project and for the Wisconsin DNR and Governor Walker to voice their concerns about this mining proposals potential negative impacts on Northeast Wisconsin. Jeopardizing everything from tourism, ground and surface water, and property values,” stated Rep. Amanda Stuck.
Lawmakers seek to tweak proposed constitutional amendment for victims' rights “I can objectively remove myself from my own situation and realize that I would be aggressive in my desire for retribution — or some would call it justice,” said Rep. Jimmy Anderson.
Wisconsin faces critical shortage of care workers for disabled and elderly "I think it's inhumane. It's damn near disgusting," said Rep. Jimmy Anderson.