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Are Local Governments Shirking Their Responsibility For Roads? "The local road aids is not going to make a significant dent in the backlog of roads that they need to replace and repair,” said Rep Katrina Shankland.
Kids Struggling With Addiction Need School, Too, But There Are Few Options “We're losing too many young people. And we need to really start looking at creative ways to work with children who are addicted," said Rep. Christine Sinicki.
Get Your Hands Off Our Healthcare" rally at State Capitol "Healthcare should be a basic human right. We all need healthcare in order to live. At some point in our lives we all access various levels of healthcare and it's something we all need," said Rep. Lisa Subeck.
Scott Walker's Gift to the One Percent “These massive tax giveaways are not trickling down. When you don’t have a vibrant middle class, you’re not going to have a vibrant economy; end of story,” said Rep. Chris Taylor.
Pride and prejudice “So, to see the stark difference between these two resolutions for myself as an LGBT Wisconsinite, is truly heartbreaking,” said Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa.
Dems Blast Walker As ‘Hypocrite’ For Accepting Marijuana Industry Donation "Hypocrisy is a real sickness in this building," said Rep Jimmy Anderson. "If we continue to allow hypocrisy like this to go unchallenged, it will only fester. We ought to do better, and Gov. Walker ought to do better."
Republican governors accepted funds from pro-pot group as Scott Walker pushed drug testing “These programs spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money and typically find a handful of drug users. Gov. Walker is going to waste our limited state resources sending what’s only a handful of marijuana drug users to rehabilitation,” said Rep Jimmy Anderson.
Bill would prohibit agreement that allows UW doctors to perform abortions for Planned Parenthood "I'm concerned that if we're going to be in express violation of the ACGME, we're going to be having to deal with these kinds of suspensions or repercussions where we're gonna lose accreditation at our university," said Rep. Jimmy Anderson.
City of Madison Takes Efforts to Address Child Sex Trafficking “To me this doesn’t make sense,” said Rep. Jill Billings. “Children cannot legally agree to have sex…these kids who the police pick up are being human trafficked by somebody else by means of force or coercion. They are not criminals, they are victims.”
This is his last request:’ Milwaukee mother is on a mission to turn tragedy into change “I’m committed to passing a bill with Debbie on this and to make sure we can fulfill Brian’s last wish. It’s very important and it means the world to me to be able to do this” said Rep. Jonathan Brostoff.