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 2015 Spring Survey

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1. Generally speaking, do you think Wisconsin is heading in the right direction? *
2. In his biennial budget request, Governor Walker proposed a $300 million cut for the UW System in
exchange for more autonomy. Would you be in favor of the decrease and a reduction of government
oversight even if it means the system could raise tuition to make up for the proposed cut? *
3. New revenue estimates are due soon. If additional revenue is available to use in the state budget,
where should a large portion of these resources go? *
4. The transportation fund is expected to have a significant shortfall in this budget and nearly a
$6 billion deficit in the next decade. How should lawmakers address this issue this session? *
5. Would you support the development of tolls on interstate highways to address the long-term
transportation funding needs of our state? *
6. The Governor’s budget proposes to move the DNR Forestry headquarters from Madison to the
Northwoods. Do you support this proposal? *
7. Would you be in favor of administering a drug test for individuals to receive FoodShare benefits? *
8. At the end of the year, if your property taxes are lower and you are to receive a small sum back,
what should be done with the property tax relief dollars? *
9. What is the closest to your views on gun ownership? *
10. In his biennium budget request, the Governor has proposed making the Natural Resources Board, a
citizen run board, advisory only. This means that the board would no longer have the authority to
vote on rules changes and set policy for the DNR. How should the Natural Resources Board be set up? *
On a scale of 1-5 please
rate the performance of
your elected officials: *
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State Representative Mary Czaja 
President Barack Obama 
Congressman Sean Duffy 
State Senator Tom Tiffany 
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