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State Representative David Craig                   
(R-Town of Vernon) (608) 266-3363                                           April 5, 2012
Madison: This week Governor Scott Walker signed into law Assembly Bill 377, State Representative David Craig’s (R-Town of Vernon) bill which defines Asian Carp as rough fish and allows the taking of all rough fish with a crossbow.  Representatives from the disabled sportspersons group, Challenge the Outdoors, and the Wisconsin Bowfishing Association were in attendance at the bill signing with Rep. Craig.
Under the current law, individuals are allowed to take only one Asian Carp.  By defining Asian Carp as rough fish, AB 377 allows sportsmen to harvest an unlimited number of Asian Carp and also legalizes the taking of all rough fish with a crossbow.
"I am pleased that the Governor has signed AB 377, which will expand access to bowfishing for all Wisconsin sportspersons while also including them in the effort to protect our waters from Asian Carp,” said Rep. Craig.  “As the testimony in the public hearings on this bill indicated, allowing the taking of rough fish with a crossbow expands access to water sports for disabled sportsmen and women, as they are no longer prohibited by law from using a crossbow to take rough fish under AB 377.”
As the number of individuals participating in bowfishing and crossbow fishing increases in the United States, this bill will allow Wisconsin sportsmen and women to expand their fishing experience while also helping us protect our environment by eliminating detrimental fish from our aquatic ecosystems,” noted Rep. Craig.