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In Fall of 2009 I was very grateful E Waste Picture.JPGto have my hard work pay off, as one of my first pieces of legislation was signed into law, the E-Waste Recycling Bill. This legislation is important for both public health and the environment. When home electronics are not recycled, they can leach dangerous chemicals into our landfills and into our drinking water. The new E-Waste law requires manufacturers to collect and recycle certain electronic devices, including computers, TV’s and printers, and establishes recycling targets for manufacturers based on their sales. 17 other states have passed similar legislation, and I’m proud that Wisconsin has finally joined them. This bill went into effect on September 1st, 2010. E-Waste Law Takes Effect Press Release
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The Department of Natural Resources released this pamphlet to help understand what materials are covered under the new law.
A little closer to home, the Outagamie County Department of Solid Waste released this pamphlet, and here is a link to their website too.

Here is a list of E-Cycle Sites in the Fox Valley with contact information, costs, and locations: 
Site Name​ Website​ Address Line 1​ Address Line 2​ Phone #​ Costs​
Outagamie County - Landfill Recycle Center​ 1419 N Holland Rd.​ Appleton, WI 54911​ (920)968-5721​ $5 for monitors, TVs, and computers. The other components are free.​
American TV & Applaince​ 4750 Grande Market Dr.​ Appleton, WI 54913​ (920)733-1000​ No charge for electronics, limit 2 per household per day. Charge for appliances.​
Best Buy​
4240 W Wisconsin Ave.
2411 S Kenstington Dr.​
Appleton, WI 54913
Appleton, WI 54915​
$10 for monitors and TVs but receive $10 Gift Certificate in return.​
Milawukee PC​ 605 N Westhill Blvd.​ Appleton, WI 54914​ (920)830-9477​ LCD Monitors and computer accessories free. $4 for tube monitors.​
Paper Valley Recycling​ 1420 Earl St. ​ Menasha, WI 54952​ (920)729-5005​ $.35/lb or flat fee of $15 for computers and TVs​
Recycle that Stuff​ 121 N Linwood Ave.​ Appleton, WI 54914​ (920)955-3760​ See website for a quote.​
Step Industries​ 1010 Stohmeyer Dr.​ Neenah, WI 54956​ (920)722-2345​ CPU and accessories free. $5 for monitors, $3 for scanners, printers, dvd players. $.25/lb. for TVs.​
Suess Electronics​ 2520 W Wisconsin Ave.​ Appleton, WI 54914​ (920)733-6464​ When buying a new TV they will take an old one back, no computer recycling.​
Van Vreedes Warehouse​ 2425 W Packard St.​ Appleton, WI 54914​ (920)730-4465​ $10 for computers, printers, TVs, etc...​